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Alice Greenfield


Hi there, I'm Alice!

I'm an award-winning video producer, editor, and photographer from the UK. Born and raised in the South of England, I've always had a fascination with the big screen and its ability to create emotion and transport its viewers to new places. Starting with working in production as a focus puller and camera trainee, I made it a top priority to get as close to the camera as possible - whatever the cost. As the world of online video grew, so did a growing interest in short-form video content.

Over the years I have successfully created commercial content for a variety of brands and have been lucky enough to work with some incredibly talented people all across the globe. With the intention to treat life as an adventure I have been very lucky to incorporate my love of travel and exploration into my work

My Breakthrough

My biggest and best breakthrough moment in the creative industry was when I started my own business. I used to work 9-5 in video production in London and after years of working for someone else, I took the leap to leave the safety net of a full-time job and become a freelancer.

I started this journey by buying a round-the-world ticket which I saved up during my last year of work. At the time I felt like I not only needed to leave my job but also the country! As cliche as it may sound, the trip took me to some fantastic places in the world and opened up my eyes to new experiences. Much of this trip I did solo and looking back I managed to iron out my game plan for the next step in my freelance career.

I believe that travel is the love language of creative souls and has the incredible ability to give us perspective on the world and a clearer vision. I took my camera and my first ever drone with me on this worldwide adventure and, on the road, I began to capture the moments which built up my love, passion and skills in the industry to this very day.

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