Travel Adventure Photographer

Luke Jackson-Clark


Luke Jackson-Clark (aka watchluke) is a travel adventure photographer and creative director from London, UK creating imagery of locations and the people in them that leave his audience wanting more. Throughout his journey Luke quickly learned that his true passion lies in connecting with people and telling their authentic stories within their local environment.

My Breakthrough

I can’t say I have a “breakthrough” story that is specific to a certain moment in my career. I feel as though there are many “breakthrough moments” that have led up to where I am today and I am grateful for every single one of them. Moments like the day I picked up my first professional camera, the day I got my first paid job, the day to day edit, shoot, work and repeat, the moments I’ve failed and reset and moments of realisation like when I’m writing a short paragraph to judge a photography contest sitting at a beach bar on an island in the middle of the Indian Ocean. Each moment and each mini breakthrough is a super important part of the full journey and I’m grateful to be able to take a step back and take it all in.

Pro Tips

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