How to clean the projector lens

To clean the projector lens, do the following: Apply a non-abrasive camera lens cleaner to a soft, lint-free cloth. Do NOT spray the cleaner directly onto the lens. Avoid abrasive cleaners/solvent, as they may permanently damage the lens. In a circular motion gently wipe the lens clean. Replace lens cap if projector is not to be used.

Where can I find ViewSonic projector distance calculator?

Please go to Projector Distance Calculator. Enter the desired distance from the screen to calculate the image dimensions. Try different distance values until you find the desired image size.

Why the image is pixelated from my projector?

Usually this is related to unmatched output resolution setting and content.  For example, setting 720P resolution output to a 4K projector or playing a 720P video on a 4K projector in full screen would cause pixelated.   Please make sure to set recommended resolution by referring to this FAQ.

Android mobile phones are unable to mirror cast via Google Home App.

Recently we've noticed an incompatibility issue between some ViewSonic smart projectors and Google Home App with the latest update. Some users might not see ViewSonic projectors on the device list when trying to mirror cast their Android mobile phone to ViewSonic projectors via Google Home App.  We are aware of this issue and currently workin...

Why a black border on the top/bottom or sides of the image from the projector?

Please check below:   1.Plesae refer to the user guide and adjust Aspect ratio with example below.   2. It could be the format of the movie since not all movies are formatted in 16:9. Some are formatted wider than 16:9 which will create black borders on the top and bottom of the screen.

How to purchase a lens for a projector

Or browse to your projector model in the Projector Accessories section of the ViewSonic Store.  If a Long Throw lens is available for your projector, it will be listed on the online store. Note: A Long Throw Lens is not available for all ViewSonic projectors. To check availability, or to purchase a long throw lens, please contact ViewSonic...

The projector fan stays on after the unit has been turned off

On some projector models, the fan will remain on after the unit has been shut down and in standby mode. This is normal operation for any model with the network feature that had been enabled. The feature can be disabled by selecting Menu>Option>Network > Off. If the Network feature is enabled then expect the fan to remain on at a lower speed w...

How do I connect external speaker(s) to my projector?

1.Wired connection:   1.1 via 3.5mm audio out:       If the projector is equipped with a 3.5 mm audio out mini jack, usually it is  green and marked as          Audio Out. Please connect a 3.5 mm audio cable between speaker and projector for audio output        purpose.     1.2 via S/PDIF:        If the model is equipped with S/PDIF por...

Noisy Fan

If a fan begins to make a rumbling noise this may indicate a problem with the fan. Fans are essential to maintain optimal operating efficiency of the projector; so it is strongly recommended that the unit be sent in for service to replace the fan. If it seems like there is something hitting the fan blades it could mean that there is an obstru...

The AC adapter for the projector does not work

Verify adapter plugged into a wall outlet Make sure the AC adapter is firmly and securely plugged into the wall outlet.  Although it may sound obvious, the adapter can become loose without even knowing.  If it's not plugged in all the way, it can make it seem like the adapter is not working, but it may just not be getting power from the wall...

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