Client Mount LCD-CMK-001 is ViewSonic’s specially designed solution for freeing up desk space and reducing clutter, exclusively for ViewSonic VG and VP series* monitors. Client Mount uses a rear-mounted designed that can be installed easily with no tools required to house mini PC’s at the back of the monitor, reducing clutter and freeing up valuable desk space. Client Mount’s flexibly design mounts directly to the monitor stand and eliminates interference when making height, swivel, pivot, or tilt adjustments to the monitor. With width capabilities ranging from 75mm to 300mm, Client Mount is well-equipped to support mini PC’s of all shapes and sizes and hide them away behind the monitor. In addition, Client Mount promotes productivity and efficiency in the workplace by enabling you to carry out work in a well-organized environment.
*Client Mount compatibility limited to certain VG and VP models

A clutter-free workstation

Client Mount sits at the back of your monitor, keeping clutter and cables out of sight to maintain a neat and organized desk space.

Organized desktop, more space

Tool-free installation

Client Mount attaches onto your monitor stand easily with no tools required. Once Client Mount has been securely fastened, simply adjust Client Mount’s width via the slider and fit your mini PC into place.

Easy setup

Flexibly design

Client Mount has been flexibly design to prevent your mini PC from interfering when making any height, swivel, pivot, or tilt adjustments to the monitor by attaching directly onto the monitor stand.

Flexibly design