Why ViewSonic Touch Solutions

Why we do it

ViewSonic has been an established worldwide source of monitor and display solutions for more than three decades. We firmly believe that the products and solutions we supply to our customers can help them to achieve better operational efficiency and to generate profitable growth.

Our product and solution experience in various industrial sectors have helped us to learn a great deal regarding our customer’s real-life business problems and needs. Moreover, our innovative R&D capabilities have consistently allowed us to bring the right technology to the right customer at the right time.



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Why ViewSonic is different

Fast Implementation

We understand the urgency for digital transformation is important. Therefore, we have ready-to-go solutions for virtually any industry, based on our prior experience with industry partners. We also know that while implementing a new solution, how to manage change in organizations are important to customers. As such, our solution consultants and architects will apply change management methodology to ensure a smooth transition process.

Comprehensive selection

From touch screen monitors to pen displays, we offer a wide range of products and solutions that are intended to cater to your needs. Businesses within the realm of finance, retail, health, education, sales, and manufacturing will all be able to find their ideal solutions through ViewSonic. By way of such comprehension comes an experiential breadth that expands and enhances with each successive customer.

Full Customizability

We understand that one size doesn’t necessarily fit all. Therefore, we offer fully customized touch solutions that are meant to align with your business needs. Whether your business operates in a niche market, or you simply want a more personalized level of service, we are happy to be flexible. Our goal is to provide the best solution-based service possible, and client satisfaction, therefore, is our main priority

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See why many of today’s leading international and domestic corporations use ViewSonic touch screen monitors and digital signage to improve their workflow. Our touch solutions are easy to use, easy to implement, and let you digitize your business workflow to improve your bottom line.

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