Innovating the Retail Customer Experience

Bring Efficiency to Sales Interactions Through Touch-based Integration

ViewSonic’s touchscreen solutions provide a dynamic and interactive experience for sales transactions. With them, retail and point of sale services like restaurants, shops and malls can give customers the opportunity to satisfy their needs in a personalized and rapid way. Long queues and slow sales turnover are no longer the issue. Customer Data can also be gathered for analysis of product popularity and preferences.

We are totally satisfied with the implementation of Viewsonic touch screen solutions. The touch sensitivity and quality are much better than other solution providers that it helped us increase business productivity and user satisfaction.”

- Anna Sandowycz, LloydsPharmacy

Point of Sale Solutions for Retail

Intuitive and User Friendly

Interactive and intuitive touch screens integrated with cloud-based point of sale systems are suitable for any retail environment brings convenience to users and satisfaction to your customers.

Track and Manage your Inventory in Real-Time

Cloud-based point of sale solution with interactive touch screens that allows you to manage your stores' inventory easily in real time. Keep track of your vital data like current sales, inventory and orders all in one place.

Total Branch Management for Your Business

Get a true 360 degrees holistic view of your business with branch management features in our cloud-based point of sale solution. Tailor fit your systems to streamline all critical sales data and inventory management reporting.

Pen Display for Reshaping Hospitality

Easily streamline membership and agreement

Customers can fill out personal information on the pen display as if they were writing on pen and paper. Cashier no longer need to spend time printing and saving cost on paper storage.

Signing and saving documents

Customer signs the document and the signature is saved. And a copy of the e-document will be email to customers.

Play advertisements on the pen display

When the pen display is not in use, the media player function can start playing advertisements & videos in seconds. All the content (photo & video) can be easily uploaded onto the media player.


Digitize Checkout Procedures

Eliminating paper and modernizing check out forms through an electronic process eliminates paper waste, by transforming into a completely digital checkout solution to increase the efficiency of data storage and accessibility.

Easy Integration

Easy to integrate with existing point of sale equipment, easy to deploy at service counters.

Simplified Checkout Procedure

User-friendly interface simplifies checkout process and shortens wait time

Usage Cases for Retail and Point of Sale


Paper-based transactions digitalized and Laborious filing process simplified



Workflow Security

When a customer decides to implement a paperless workflow in the company, security is usually a concern. How to manage digital authorization of confidential document without raising security risks in the company can be a issue. ViewSonic's touch screen and digital signature solutions ensures that your digital workflow process is fully secure and encrypted.



With AES256 and RSA 2048, we ensure all your customer’s private information is protected. Every signatures undergoes double encryption according to the highest industry standards.



Implementing touch screen monitor and digital signage solutions is an easy process. With hardware and software ready, we’ll help yourbusiness get up and running.



Reducing paper and printing costs is environmentally friendly and leaves your business with a positive brand image.

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