ViewSonic ViewBoard Box


  • Remote device management solution
  • Extensive collection of myViewBoard applications for improved productivity​
  • Ultimate collaboration tools with seamless content sharing capabilities​
  • Experience robust Hexa-core CPU performance ​
  • Seamless power-delivery through PoE (Power over Ethernet)
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Transform your displays, projectors, and monitors with the powerful ViewSonic ViewBoard Box (VBS100). Calibrated with a Hexa-core CPU performance, it unleashes PC-like power and extends the longevity of your displays. The ViewBoard Box features a great collection of Android and myViewBoard apps for all your productivity, collaboration, and entertainment needs for more interactive meetings and lessons. Powered over Ethernet and equipped with remote management, IT managers can easily install the ViewBoard Box and manage multiple displays wherever, whenever they are.

Complete control everywhere ​

With the ViewBoard Box and its intuitive myViewBoard Manager software, you can broadcast tailored messages, schedule device operations, and gather reports such as display statistics, data, and tracking metrics across all connected displays. From wherever you are, you have total remote control over multiple displays, whether they are interactive flat-panels, projectors, or monitors.*​Supports selected models only
Complete control everywhere ​ 1

Every app for every need ​

With an extensive collection of applications from Android OS and the myViewBoard Suite, transform any display into a powerful and interactive device for your productivity, communication, and entertainment needs. Surf your favorite sites, access your documents, or play multimedia files easily and comfortably within an Android OS environment. ​
Every app for every need ​ 1

An oasis of knowledge at your fingertips ​

Perfect for hybrid classrooms or remote collaborations, access and share content, documents, files when you connect the ViewBoard Box with your display, projector, or monitor. Every lesson or meeting will be transformed into an interactive hub of ideas.​
An oasis of knowledge at your fingertips ​ 1

Performance right out of the box ​

Elevate your older interactive display models to a powerful CPU with the ViewBoard Box. Equipped with Hexa-core CPU performance, the ViewBoard Box helps to boost the stability and system speed of your interactive flat panel for extended product life.​
Performance right out of the box ​ 1

Powered for a cable-free experience ​

Powered via a standard IEEE 802.3af PoE (Power over Ethernet), the ViewBoard Box eliminates the need for a separate power supply and keeps your spaces clutter-free. This saves you additional resources and manpower required to run new cables and simplifies installations.​
Powered for a cable-free experience ​ 1

Dimensions & I/O Ports

  1. RS232
  2. DP Out
  3. HDMI Out
  4. AC Power In
  5. Reset
  6. LAN(RJ45)
  7. USB
  8. HDMI In