Promote Esports
in Education

Open up opportunities for students to build confidence, teamwork, and grit through competitive gaming.

Why is esports important to education?

Competitive gaming takes extracurricular activities to a new level.

Teach valuable social skills and a different kind of teamwork.

Appeal to a more inclusive range of student interests.

Build community and passion for a growing industry.


A Modern Learning Space for a New Generation of Athletes

ViewSonic devices enable Australia's first university-based esports program.

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The Benefits of Esports in Education

Students get the advantages of team competition in a whole new way.

Competition-Grade Hardware

Student athletes get to play with the same hardware as the pros.

Talk Strategy on a Digital Whiteboard

Use digital whiteboarding in person or online to plan and execute tactics.

Ergonomics for Better Screen Time

Protect student athletes' health with built-in eyecare technologies and advanced ergonomic features.

Insights on Esports in Education

Making a difference one match at a time