Sustainability Permeates Our Product Lifecycles

Our enduring mission towards fostering a cleaner, greener future acknowledges the threat climate change poses to the very beings, creatures, and environments we hold dear. We take immense pride in exemplifying sustainability through the international standards we adhere to — from development and production to customer usage and responsible end-of-life disposal — not just for the benefit our business but also for our global environment.

We Demonstrate Environmental Consciousness Through:

  • Integrating environmental management across product development, supply chain processes, and product life-cycles to minimize environmental impact.
  • Ensuring compliance with environmental legislation and regulations in product design and production.
  • Establishing and reviewing environmental objectives, targets, and performance evaluation procedures.
  • Seeking environmentally qualified suppliers and vendors.
  • Training employees and partners to conduct activities responsibly.
  • Communicating our environmental policy to all employees, partners, business associates and public stakeholders

These guiding principles define our environmental responsibility goals, serving as a benchmark against which all relevant internal stakeholders are assessed. To ensure effective implementation, the Director of Customer Care, Compliance & Supply Chain Management holds executive responsibility and authority for overseeing this policy across all ViewSonic facilities.


We recognize that the vitality of our planet is essential for the sustainability of all life, therefore sustainability is not trend for ViewSonic, but rather a priority that permeates our entire organization. At every stage of our products' lifecycle, from development and production through to customer use and end-of-life disposal, sustainability is a crucial consideration.

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ViewSonic is dedicated to minimizing our environmental impact and empowering our customers to do the same. Therefore, our Service program offers a range of initiatives to extend the life cycles of our products and provide comprehensive customer assistance. These initiatives include repair and refurbishment services, extended standard warranties and spare part fulfillment, staffed customer service channels, and a 24/7 chatbot service that provides support in minimizing your carbon footprint.

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As part of our commitment to sustainability and reducing electronic waste, our convenient recycling program responsibly collects and disposes of electronic waste to minimize environmental harm. We provide recycling services to our customers. Additionally, we prioritize recyclability in our product design by using mostly recyclable plastics, contributing to a more sustainable future.

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