Telecom and Government Digital Authentication

Secure your communications with a full suite of digital authentication solutions.

Upgrade and Secure Your Communications

A full-service solution for digital documentation


Fill in forms and sign agreements with a variety of hardware and software solutions. And with one of our portable pen displays, you can make deals and contracts wherever you are.


Keep all your data secure. Lock agreements behind e-signatures and authenticate them real-time with Certificate Authority-sealed documents sent to all parties.


Save documents and signatures to either a cloud drive or local storage. Retrieve or share your files from anywhere to anywhere while maintaining data privacy.

Case Study

Digitalizing the workflow of a Fortune Global 500 Telecommunication Company

Learn how ViewSonic helped a telecom giant, with more than 900m subscribers, optimize its operation by adopting paperless transaction solution.


Streamline Digital Documents Everywhere

Sign, secure, and store your documents more efficiently than ever

Front Desk Hardware Solutions

Save time, money, and trees with a pen display. Visitors can fill in profiles and sign forms or credit card slips all on the same device.

Completed documents are then automatically sealed with a Certificate Authority and sent to the visitor's email.

Staff save time on data entry, printing time, and verification while providing visitors with a satisfying service experience.

Write, Annotate, and Highlight

Visitors can use a stationary or mobile pen display to fill in personal information or digitally sign an agreement.

Staff can assist visitors by annotating digital documents or highlighting sections of interest. And all changes can saved to the document for later reference.

Never Lose a Form Again

Save paper and frustration with digital forms and agreements. Fill in, sign, and share authenticated documents directly to your storage system - complete with annotations and electronic signatures.

Access or edit your stored forms from anywhere and share it with authorized parties for easy fulfillment of terms.

And never have to worry about misplaced or damaged paper documents again.

Verified and Secure

Secure forms and signatures with both hardware and software encryption. Then verify real-time through email confirmation.

Also enjoy forensically identifiable signatures using other measurable parameters like rhythm, speed, and acceleration of handwriting.

Finally, seal all finalized documents with a Certificate Authority to prevent later changes.

A Full Suite of Authentication Devices

Browse from our wide range of hardware options.

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