Medical and Healthcare Digital Authentication

Maintain and enhance quality of care with full access to all necessary data.

A Patient-Centered Approach

Optimize care with streamlined digital authentication


Record and digitize patient data quickly and easily with our input solutions. Automatically input your patients information directly from digital forms.


Combined hardware and software encryption keeps patient data secure everywhere. Share authenticated digital documents safely with colleagues for fast, accurate communication.


Store encrypted patient profiles, releases, and agreements in a central location available to all authorized healthcare providers. Then eliminate duplicate data through biometric authentication.

Case Study

Digitalizing the workflow of a Fortune Global 500 Telecommunication Company

Learn how ViewSonic helped a telecom giant, with more than 900m subscribers, optimize its operation by adopting paperless transaction solution.


Faster, More Efficient Care

Simplify acute and long-term care with a single solution

Skip the Data Entry with Electronic Forms

Write, annotate, and highlight electronic documents on pen displays just like with a pen and paper. Process digital signatures and forms without touching a keyboard.

Streamline checking in, signing out, and signatures with one of our authentication solutions.

Then complete the process with an email directly to the customer's inbox with no further input.

Secure Patient Data Accessible Anywhere

Secure and store patient data for easy access to authorized personnel. Eliminate duplicate charts and inconsistencies with a single, centrally stored digital profile.

Then pass complete patient data - including medical history, insurance policies, and agreements - to each of the patient's present and future healthcare providers.

Verified and Certified Documents

All signed documents are verified with electronic signatures before being sealed with a Certificate Authority and sent to both the patient and the healthcare provider.

Authenticate digital documents and agreements at any time through the Certificate Authority records.

Use Biometric Authentication in Emergencies

Use biometric features for unresponsive or uncommunicative patients who have available profiles in your records. Give treatment and update their secure profiles in real-time.

Where available, biometric authentication can also be sued as assistive technology in patients with limited mobility, giving all patients more input in their treatment.

A Full Suite of Authentication Devices

Browse from our wide range of hardware options.

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