Hospitality and Service Digital Authentication

Deliver impeccable service with seamless digital transactions.

A Customer-Focused Approach

For when customer experience is everything


Use either stand-alone devices or integration with your own point-of-sale system to fill in forms or get signatures. Simple transactions mean better customer experience.


Be sure that customer data an digital signatures are encrypted to protect their privacy. Then share transactions securely with both staff and customers via built-in channels.


Maintain detailed records both for your archives and to improve customer satisfaction over time. And with remote access, make sure all locations share the same data.

Case Study

Digitalizing the workflow of a Fortune Global 500 Telecommunication Company

Learn how ViewSonic helped a telecom giant, with more than 900m subscribers, optimize its operation by adopting paperless transaction solution.


Focus on What Matters

Simplify customer service with digital signatures

Skip the Data Entry with Electronic Forms

Write, annotate, and highlight electronic documents on pen displays just like with a pen and paper. Process digital signatures and forms without touching a keyboard.

Streamline checking in, signing out, and signatures with one of our authentication solutions.

Then complete the process with an email directly to the customer's inbox with no further input.

Faster Service for Happier Customers

Less work for staff means less waiting for customers. Streamline electronic signatures and agreements with our hardware and software solutions.

With less data entry, there is less processing for waiting customers. And with digital storage, never lose important documents again.

Let your authentication systems do the busywork while you serve your customers.

Simple Sharing for Efficient Communication

Simplify every step of your service with secure internal sharing of customer data.

Collect basic information, then modify a customer's digital profile. Easily verify services and charges.

Then make it effortless for customers to approve, pay, and go. But keep their profiles handy for their next visit.

Leverage Countertop Pen Display Screens

Countertop pen displays can input data and e-signatures when in use, but there's no need to waste the prime real estate.

Use a pen display to show video offers and advertisements right where your clients are.

All content is easy to upload and display on pen display screens using a user-friendly media player.

A Full Suite of Authentication Devices

Browse from our wide range of hardware options.

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