Banking and Finance Digital Authentication

Optimize your client's experience with streamlined service and enhanced security.

Better service. Greater efficiency. Lower cost.

Sign, secure, and store with ease


Use a variety of electronic signature types for agreements, approvals, and transactions. Or fill in entire forms digitally with the comfort of a pen display.


Keep your clients' financial data safe with end-to-end data encryption. Then share and verify documents instantly with an integrated Certificate Authority.


Integrate your digitally verified documents with existing data storage. Use an established cloud storage service or host all you data on local drives with a simple, built-in setup.

Case Study

Digitalizing the workflow of a Fortune Global 500 Telecommunication Company

Learn how ViewSonic helped a telecom giant, with more than 900m subscribers, optimize its operation by adopting paperless transaction solution.


Anywhere, Anytime

A truly flexible digital signature

Sign and Save Agreements in Real-Time

With a number of signature options available - handwritten, biometric, and totally digital - there is a combined hardware-software solution available for every use case.

Pen displays also allow full writing functionality to draw, annotate, and write just like with a pen and paper.

And no matter what gets written down, it can all get saved securely to your data storage of choice.

Verification of Digital Documents

Signed transactions are immediately saved and sent to both parties for verification. A Certificate Authority adds verifiable data to any issued document.

On pen displays, add yet another layer to recognizable data through biometric signature data. Track and save a signature's speed, pressure, and angle to protect your client's personal data.

Service Chain Optimization

Secure sharing is easy with the right e-signature solution. Authorized team members can easily collaborate to verify and implement digital transactions anywhere along the process.

And with both cloud and local storage options, digital documents are always available to those who need access.

Save Time and Money Organization-Wide

Streamline the signing, securing, and storing of your transaction data with a single solution. Make your client's experience as smooth and as simple as possible.

And with a one-time investment in the right hardware, save on expensive printers, paper documents, and shipping of hard copies. Everything is available to you and your clients at the push of a button.

A Full Suite of Authentication Devices

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