Vidéoprojecteur Home-Cinéma 4K PX728-4K de 4.000 Lumens ANSI

  • Une véritable expérience visuelle 4K HDR
  • 4 000 Lumens ANSI pour fournir des images lumineuses dans n'importe quel environnement
  • Diffusion sur grand écran via USB Type-C
  • Le décalage d'entrée le plus faible du monde de 5 ms et une fréquence de rafraîchissement de 240 Hz
  • Warping, keystone vertical automatique et zoom 1,3x pour une installation flexible
  • Domotique via un contrôle LAN et un déclencheur 12V
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Le PX748-4K est un vidéoprojecteur Home-Cinéma 4K haute luminosité de 4 000 lumens ANSI et un choix de grande valeur pour la mise à niveau vers le 4K. Profitez de visuels parfaits au pixel près dans une véritable clarté 4K qui prend en charge le HDR/HLG pour un divertissement à domicile totalement immersif à grande échelle. Accédez à encore plus de plaisir grâce à la diffusion directe à partir du Nintendo® Switch via USB Type-C tout en améliorant votre expérience de jeu grâce au plus faible décalage d'entrée de 5 ms et à la fréquence de rafraîchissement de 240 Hz. Le warping puissant, le keystone vertical automatique, le keystone horizontal et le zoom optique 1,3x rendent l'installation d'un grand écran de 300 pouces sur n'importe quelle surface encore plus simple. En outre, la capacité de contrôle LAN compatible avec les systèmes domotiques et la sortie de déclenchement 12V font du PX748-4K le complément parfait de votre maison intelligente.

True 4K Clarity with HDR/HLG Support

In addition to the stunningly detailed images that true 4K resolution can offer, the projector also supports HDR and HLG content to produce more dynamic images and bring flat images to life with more displayable information in the darker and brighter parts of a scene.
True 4K

High Brightness

Packed with 4,000 ANSI Lumens, the projector is guaranteed to produce high brightness suitable for well-lit environments.
4,000 ANSI Lumens

USB Type-C for Direct Streaming and Recharging

The projector’s USB Type-C* connection puts a fun twist on streaming videos by allowing you to project content directly from your phone, laptop or tablet while also charging them simultaneously. You can even play Nintendo® Switch games on the big screen via direct connection without the dock.

Learn more: https://youtu.be/fTrL7t3NeiM
*Only available for devices that support USB Type-C video streaming.
*For iPhone and iPad, users need to buy an Apple-authorized Lightning-to-HDMI adapter for content display via the HDMI port.

Ultimate Sports Viewing Experience with Ultra-Fast Input

Say goodbye to motion blur due to input lag. With our 4.2ms Ultra-Fast Input and hyper-responsive 240Hz refresh rate, plus the microsecond-level response time, you can watch with low delay and seamless viewing of fast-moving objects that will bring your sports-viewing-experience to the next level.

*To enable 4.2ms Ultra-Fast Input, turn it on in Advanced Settings and make sure the input content is with 240Hz refresh rate. When enabled, the highest resolution supported is 1080p.
**The response time stated refers to the reaction time of DMD chip.
4.2ms Ultra-Fast Input & 240Hz Refresh Rate

Effortless Image Adjustment

Be it on the side table in the living room, bedroom or any other location you like, the projector can provide perfectly shaped images from any angle with comprehensive H/V keystone and 4 corner adjustment capabilities. The auto V keystone further frees you from manual adjustments no matter how you tilt the projector, up or down.
H/V Keystone & Auto V Keystone

Adaptable to Any Environment

Equipped with a 1.3x optical zoom lens, the projector empowers users to choose the most ideal set-up location that doesn’t interfere with existing interior design while still getting the desired image size.
1.3x Optical Zoom

Perfect Projection Even on Curved Surfaces

Who says projection only works on a flat surface? With our advanced Projector Warping Tool, the distorted image can be perfectly shaped through multiple point adjustments, even when projected on spherical or cylindrical shapes.

Go Big, Even in Small Spaces

Scale up the excitement with a screen size easily made larger than a TV, even in limited space. Immerse yourself in 100” of entertainment from only 2.5 m away.
1.13-1.47 Throw Ratio

Simplify Your Home with Unified Smart Systems

The PX748-4K comes with LAN control capability that is compatible with a variety of home automation systems (incl. Control 4, Crestron, AMX, PJ Link, and Network Control), making it a perfect addition to your smart home.

Get Your Cinema All Set at Once

With 12V trigger output connectivity, just power on the projector and your home cinema will be all set, with the curtains closed and the projection screen lowered automatically.

Customize Your Own Color Profiles

By using a cloud-based color profile exchange, users can create their own color profile to fit their preferences and share it with others. Also, users can download other profiles from their projectors and fine-tune them as their own.

Learn more: https://youtu.be/ShwE_dswXYk


A Simpler Way to Update Projector Software

ViewSonic Projector Software Update is available online and enables you to keep your projector firmware up to date easily and conveniently with your laptop and USB cable connection; no need to take your projector into a service center for software updates.

Learn more: https://youtu.be/irlhJLpDHas
*The latest projector software update can be found in the download section at the bottom of the page when available.

Reliable Long-Term Lifespan

The latest SuperEco+ mode technology greatly extends the lamp life of the projector from 15,000 hours to 20,000 hours – meaning 4 hours a day for more than 13 years – saving you maintenance cost and effort.

USB Type-A Power Supply for HDMI Wireless Dongles

A built-in USB power output (5V/1.5A) can be used to supply power to HDMI wireless dongles, like Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV Stick, etc., eliminating the need for separate power adapters when streaming your favorite multimedia content.

SuperColor™ Technology

ViewSonic’s proprietary SuperColor™ Technology displays a wide color range, ensuring that users enjoy a true-to-life color performance in both bright and dark environments without sacrificing image quality.

Satisfying Audio Performance

The projector is embedded with a 10W speaker to deliver a satisfying audio performance right out of the box.
10W Speaker

A More Eye-Friendly Viewing Experience

Utilizing reflective light, which bounces off the wall or projector screen before hitting your eyes, the projector makes the viewing experience virtually blue light free, less invasive to your sight, and reduces eyestrain over prolonged viewing periods.
Eye Care
  1. Keypad
  2. Power Key
  3. Zoom/Focus Ring
  4. Adjustment Foot
  5. Lens
  6. Front IR
  7. USB Type-C (5V/2A)
  8. HDMI x 2
  9. Audio Out
  10. RS-232
  11. 12V Out
  12. USB Type A(5V/1.5A)
  13. AC In
  14. Rj45
  15. Kensington Lock


  • Spécifications
    Système de projection: 0.47" 4K-UHD
    Résolution native: 3840x2160
    Type de DMD: DC3
    Luminosité: 4000 (ANSI Lumens)
    Rapport de contraste avec le mode SuperEco: 12000:1
    Display Color: 1.07 Billion Colors
    Type de source lumineuse: Lamp
    Light Source Life (hours) with Normal Mode: 4000
    Light Source Life (hours) with SuperEco Mode: 20000
    Puissance de la lampe: 240W
    Objectif: F=1.94-2.12, f=12-15.6mm
    Décalage de projection: 120%+/-6%
    Rapport de projection: 1.13-1.47
    Zoom optique: 1.3x
    Zoom numérique: 0.8x-2.0x
    Taille de l'image: 30"-300"
    Distance de projection: 0.75m~9.76m, (100"@2.50m)
    Keystone: H:+/-40° , V:+/-40°
    Bruit audible (Normal): 33dB
    Audible Noise (Eco): 28dB
    Décalage d'entrée: 4.2ms
    Prise en charge de la résolution: VGA(640 x 480) to 4K(3840 x 2160)
    Compatibilité HDTV: 480i, 480p, 576i, 576p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p, 2160P
    Fréquence horizontale: 15K-135KHz
    Fréquence de balayage vertical: 23-240Hz
  • Entrée
    HDMI: 2 , (HDMI 2.0b/ HDCP 1.4/2.2)
    USB Type C: 1 (5V/ 2A)
  • Sortie
    Sortie audio (3,5 mm): 1
    Haut-parleur: 10W
    USB Type A (Alimentation): 1 (5V/ 1.5A)
    Trigger 12V (3.5mm): 1