The ColorPro Film Festival

Online Premiere

A Showcase for Creators to Shine Brightly
Video Premier Night + Online Course + Winner Announcement

Two sessions :

19:00 – 21:00, June 25, 2022 (CET)

19:00 – 21:00, June 26, 2022 (PST)

Premiere Event

Time to be honored together and check if you are be featured in a Youtube Creators video!

Shine Brightly Showcase

On premiere night, we'll showcase the breakthrough work selected for our film festival. We'll also announce the winners of each theme.

When you sign-up for this exclusive event, you'll receive a link so you can find out if you're the lucky winner.

Live Workshop

Pro filmmakers will teach you how to edit videos with The World's First Professional Monitor With Fingertip Color Control.

Shine Brightly

If you’re going to shine, shine brightly.

If you’re going to create, create boldly.

If you’re going to imagine, imagine daringly.

Overcome all obstacles and collaborate.

Take your vision to the next level.

Achieve that breakthrough.The world is waiting.

Here’s your chance to shine brightly...

How to Enter


Select one of the themes below


Create a video using the theme, and then upload to Google Drive


Fill out the form below and share a link to your Google Drive with us


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Submission Closed

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Choose a Breakthrough Theme

Once you've chosen a theme, create a video that is based on it and then submit it. If our celebrity creator selects your video, they'll bring it to life in a film and present it at our premiere night.


Take a Leap of Faith

Sam Newton

Shattering Expectations

Mike Gray

What is Perfection?

Submission Closed


Every Creator Needs Tools to Shine Brightly

ViewSonic has dedicated itself to creating those breakthrough tools. We listen to innovative creators so we can keep innovating. By entering you'll have a chance to win one of our new generation monitors - the world's first professional monitor with finger tip color control, or win amazing prizes offered by Nomadict, TuneReel and Skillshare.

The New Generation ColorPro Professional Monitor - VP76 x VP86 series

For a chance to have your work showcased at The ColorPro Film Festival.


April 22

Submissions open

May 30

Submissions Close

June 25-26

Video Premier Night
Online Course

Partners that help us shine brightly

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Submission Details

  • Video Length no more than 1:20 (1 minute 20 seconds)

  • Upload to Google Drive (required)

  • You can also upload to Youtube with #ColorProShineBrightly (this is optional)

  • Video resolution 1920x1080

  • If using Subtitles they must be embedded in the video

  • People are not required in your vidoe as long as it is related to the theme

Celebrity Judge


Kay Van Huisseling (aka JustKay) is a YouTube creator and filmmaker from the Netherlands. Kay's breakthrough moment came to him when he decided to leave his hometown and document his travels around the world.


Take a Leap of Faith

Create a video that inspires others to leave their comfort zone and take that leap of faith. Give others a reason to believe in themselves and give them the strength to take more risks . Help them silence that inner-critic, so they can shine brightly.

Celebrity Judge

Sam Newton

Sam is a travel filmmaker and Youtuber. His breakthrough moment came when he found a way to use humor, music, and cinematic footage in his videos to inspire others to be different and create content that is meaningful to them.


Shattering Expectations

Create a video about breaking through expectations. This could be a story on pushing past racial or gender stereotypes, family or societal expectations, choosing your own path, or any story on how you or someone you know got past a large problem in life allowing them to shine brightly.

Celebrity Judge

Mike Gray (MikeVisuals)

Mike incorporated his videography work with his passion for traveling. He now works with some of the biggest brands to showcase the beauty of destinations all around the world.


What is Perfection?

Create a video that captures the raw beauty of the world as it is. Instead of looking for the perfect shot, flawless content and untouched landscapes, find those real and unfiltered moments. Show us the authentic feelings and the deep connections that make the world shine brightly.