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ColorPro with Me

Druk uw visie nauwkeurig uit in de maandelijkse fotografiewedstrijd #ColorProWithMe voor een kans om de bekroonde draagbare monitor ColorPro VP16-OLED te bemachtigen - een game changer voor creatieve professionals onderweg.

Met maandelijkse thema's daagt #ColorProWithMe de ColorPro-gemeenschap uit om hun creativiteit aan te wakkeren en hun unieke perspectief vast te leggen. Ontdek meer op @ColorPro Instagram

Victor Aerden

“ ViewSonic's VP16 Series portable monitor is a game-changer for on-the-go creatives like me. Its super lightweight design and thin profile fit perfectly into my camera backpack, providing that much-needed extra screen real estate. With Pantone validated colors and preloaded modes, I can trust the accuracy of my work, whether I'm editing photos or videos. ”

Cameron McNab

“ Its 4K resolution, colour accuracy, and multiple connectivity options make it a versatile and reliable display. The monitor's large screen size provides ample screen real estate for multitasking, and its colour calibration ensures that colours are always accurate. I highly recommend this monitor for any creative professional looking for a top-of-the-line display ”

Sebastion Morales

“ The ViewSonic VP2786-4K monitor offers a stunning visual experience with its ultra-HD resolution and wide color gamut – ideal for creative professionals who demand high-quality image rendering. ”

Thomas Adorff

“The Monitor offers a hardware calibration, giving me the best conditions to work for the correct color representation.”

Pat Dy

“ The ViewSonic VP3256 serves as the perfect companion for professionals like me, catering to our very diverse needs. ”

Nihat Kayin

“ with its ultra-thin and lightweight structure. I can either connect the VP16-OLED to my camera via powerbank and get a wide perspective while shooting, or I can connect it to my laptop or tablet wherever I want and edit my photos on a large Pantone approved screen. ”

Hidden Small World

“ One of the most important aspects of my editing is accurate and true colors and the monitor I have here with me, the ViewSonic VP2468a does this perfectly. ”

Pauline Arnauld

“ The VP2776 offers an incredible experience, thanks to its ColorPro Wheel – a device that controls colors to achieve harmonious colors. It instantly identifies the Pantone code for colors displayed on the screen. As a print creator, this is a tremendous time saver for me because I can be sure that what I see on the screen will faithfully translate into my final creations. ”


“ The ColorPro VP2456 precisely delivers the colors I want, making it essential for my recent color calibration tasks. Besides enhancing the quality of creative works, the ColorPro monitor also excels in bringing the visuals of film and TV shows to life, enhancing the overall viewing experience. ”

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