Emily and Jens are a young couple living with their two kids in a nice apartment in Taiwan. The parents, having spent most of their lives between the US and Germany, both highly value the open-concept house, which prioritizes spaciousness over anything else. Like most families, they had big plans when they installed their TV in the living room, be it for work, entertainment, or learning. While the pandemic reminded them of the importance of home quality time, it also made them realize how inconvenient and limiting the layout of their apartment was.

Emily is a fitness instructor who teaches online classes from the coziness of her home. With the TV too far away from the home-gym space, she relies solely on her phone and a 9-inch iPad. The small screens force her to regularly stop her routine to monitor the students’ posture which disrupts the flow of the class.

Doubling as an active mom, Emily also wants to make sure the kids are paying attention to their afternoon online lessons while she prepares dinner. Since the TV screen is barely visible from the kitchen counter, the little ones attend the classes from the small screens of their iPad or laptop nearby. This decreases their attention span and causes them eye discomfort.


  • Difficulty in getting used to the closed floor plan
  • The TV is fixed in the living room which limits the flexibility of use and home decoration when not in use
  • Although iPad and laptops can be used in different spaces, their screen size is inconvenient


To overcome these issues, we’ve brought in the Belgium interior designer Guillaume Defer, who had an idea for how to transform their home. Considering the family’s lifestyle, he decided to create a more open and flexible living space. Instead of spending a lot of various resources on remodeling the house, Guillaume just removed the TV from the living room and replaced it with a X11-4K projector – ViewSonic’s 4K HDR smart LED projector.

The projector easily provided larger visuals than a TV while leaving the potential of the clean wall space open for other uses when the projector was not needed. The movability of the projector allows the family to have a high-quality viewing experience anywhere at home which greatly enhances the versatility of their space.


After letting go of the TV and the cabinet, the living room appeared much cleaner and more elegant. With the simple click of a button, the family can now have a special home cinema or a gaming experience thanks to the big, screenless images and immersive audio provided by the X11-4K. When the projector is turned off, the kids have more space to play with toys and Emily can hang her own artistic creations or other artwork on the wall to suit the aesthetic she’d like to create in the moment.

Thanks to the effortless movability, Emily can easily place the projector in the gym space during her classes. The bigger display lets her see each student clearly, making teaching more interactive and smoother.

Furthermore, to the kids’ excitement, the dining room now turns into an engaging classroom within seconds. The screenless projector not only supports the family with an immersive audiovisual experience but inspires them to reimagine their space and way of life.




X11-4K LED

4K HDR Short Throw Smart Portable LED Projector

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4K HDR Ultra Short Throw Smart Laser Projector

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X2000B-4K LED

4K HDR Ultra Short Throw Smart Laser Projector

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X100-4K+ LED

4K UHD Home Cinema LED Projector

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