Transforming the Education Experience

Give your School the Digital Transformation Degree that it Deserves

Enhance your classroom collaboration and student engagement experience with ViewSonic’s comprehensive touch screen monitor and digital signature solutions. Allow students to sign up for classes, meetings and even student council votings anywhere at any time. Innovate the way you teach by casting your teaching material with real time annotation, editing, saving and sharing capabilities.

We’re really seeing the advantage of interactive classrooms and how excited students and teachers are about the technology.”

- John Sclare, Chico School District, Information Systems Analyst

Touch Screen Monitors for Interactive Education

Tap into your academic interest

Self-Service touch screens placed at public areas in your campus can help students register for classes and events easily.

Plan Ahead with Ease

Students can easily browse and navigate future events on Viewsonic's touch screen monitor to register beforehand.

Position yourself for success

Worried you won’t get a good seat? Don’t worry! Seat selection’s never been easier.

ViewBoard S

Enable students to cast their work onto the board. With ViewBoard S, collaboration has never been easier!

Why describe the solution when you can show it? With ViewBoard S, make live annotations on the fly!

Display reading material and homework corrections for all to see! With ViewBoard S, become the best teacher you can be!

Digital Signature

Compatible with Win OS

Enable teachers to share teaching materials by connecting devices onto the computer.

Illustrate the essential points by highlighting

Teacher could use the highlighter function to mark important parts of the materials for students to focus on. Aslo could choose between different pen color and sizes.

Signing and saving documents

No longer need to spend time printing and saving costs on paper storage, and all annotations will be saved in the document.


Digitize Class Materials

Eliminating paper and modernizing class materials through an electronic process eliminates paper waste, by transforming into a web-based interactive classroom.

Fast Document Retrieval

Class curriculum, agenda, and past exams are saved on the server; class prep and course review have never been easier.

Interactive Class Experience

Share your findings to the class via screen-casting, annotate on lecture slides in real-time, and save them for review after.

Usage Cases for Education


Paper-based transactions digitalized and laborious filing process simplified


Long queue process shortened with self-service touch screens



Workflow Security

When a customer decides to implement a paperless workflow in the company, security is usually a concern. How to manage digital authorization of confidential document without raising security risks in the company can be a issue. ViewSonic's touch screen and digital signature solutions ensures that your digital workflow process is fully secure and encrypted.



With AES256 and RSA 2048, we ensure your entire customer’s private information is protected. All documents are saved with a Certificate Authority preventing outsiders from tampering with your customer’s information.



Implementing touch screen monitor and digital signage solutions is an easy process. With hardware and software ready, we’ll help your business get up and running.



Implementing touch screen monitor and digital signage solutions is an easy process. With hardware and software ready, we’ll help you get up and running in no time!

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