Industrial Display Monitors for your Smart Factory

Improve Industrial Task and Personnel Management with Professional Grade Monitors

Our industrial display touch screen monitors can help your factory personnel and workshops handle complex industrial tasks on intuitive factory grade touch screens. Our wide range of rugged LCD displays with multi-touch and various touch technologies such as resisitive, SAW, optical imaging, projected capacitive and infrared are tough and suitable for virtually any industrial applications. We can help you choose the best touch screen technology and solution that fits best with your needs, and close the gap between your vision and implementation of the digital factory.

Viewsonic's Touch Screen Solutions helped us simplify the hassle of operating complex machinery in our factory. It really helped us improve our factory line operations and reduced labor input.”

- Manager, An Automative Group in the U.S.

Factory Grade Touch Screen Monitors for Productivity

Employee Self-Service

Find your name and clock in with a touch on the screen, your work schedule for the day will pop up upon signing in.

Day Planning Made Easy

With a tap on the screen, make notes or reminders for tomorrow after a long day of work.

Find out where you’re needed

When the current project has completed, report back to your team with a touch of a button.

Pen Display for Document Workflow Management

Write as if it were pen and paper

Sign for parcels on the pen display as if they were writing on pen and paper. Staff no longer need to spend time printing and saving costs on paper storage.

Illustrate the essential points by highlighting

Staff could use the highlighter function to mark important parts of the document for customers to focus on.

Signing and saving documents

Staff can directly sign forms on the pen display. All signed documents are sealed with a Certificate Authority veriftying identity of the document. A copy of the e-document will be email to the staff.


Digitize Check-list Procedure

Eliminating paper and digitizing check-list forms through an electronic process eliminates paper waste, by transforming into a completely digital check-list solution.

Increase Operational Efficiency

The convenience of converting paperwork and documents to electronic form, on top of integration with a business backend server, making it easy to save and retrieve past project information and files.

Reduce Costs

Improve the workflow of the supply chain by converting documents to electronic files. Save key documents as well as shorten project lead time when going through the inspection check-list

Usage Cases for Smart Factory


Intuitive and factory grade touch screens to operate complex machinery at your factory


Long queue process shortened with self-service professional grade touch screens



Workflow Security

When a customer decides to implement a paperless workflow in the company, security is usually a concern. How to manage digital authorization of confidential document without raising security risks in the company can be a issue. ViewSonic's touch screen and digital signature solutions ensures that your digital workflow process is fully secure and encrypted.



With AES256 and RSA 2048, we ensure all your customer’s private information is protected. Every signature undergoes double encryption according to the highest industry standards.



Implementing touch screen monitor and digital signage solutions is an easy process. With hardware and software ready, we’ll help your business get up and running.



Reducing paper and printing costs is environmentally friendly and leaves your business with a positive brand image.

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