Luke Stackpoole


Luke is a professional photographer and filmmaker with a passion for emotive storytelling through his work. He is one of our ColorPro Ambassadors, and has been so for the past three years. His work focuses on regions with mountainous or desert landscapes, dramatic scenery and a sense of awe that inspires him there. Aside from landscape photography and video, he’s been doing wildlife photography for these past few years also. Born in the UK, Luke used to work in the City of London in finance but transitioned to photography in 2017 as this was his passion and now commands an audience of over a million followers online.

How I Rise

For me, the word rise resonates as a feeling of gaining elevation, being able to broaden my horizons in my work through completely new compositions that we are unable to see from the ground. This elevates my work to a new standard, being able to portray the world from a completely different perspective to the regular human eye. I chose these images to show the feeling of “rising” as they were taken with my drone, all around the world. It just shows the beauty of the natural world from above that we wouldn’t normally see from the ground, challenging our perspective. I think my favourite would have to be the image of the Namibian dunes from above, the soft red glow of the morning sun lighting up the sand as it gently flows in the wind.

My Tip

My biggest tip for people is to challenge their perspectives and compositions, especially in today’s world of an abundance of photographers and content creators. In order to really stand out you must push yourself to find new angles, new ways to portray your art, whether photography or video. An easy way to do this is to shoot aerials, to rise above your subject and create a sense of scale!

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