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Outdoor photography is more than simply capturing natural sceneries and landscapes; it encompasses the experiences and emotions that people encounter while traveling. During our journeys, you can sense the thrill shared among fellow travelers as we explore new destinations, witness unreal landscapes, and admire breathtaking views. It is my goal to capture those fleeting moments and transform them into photographs that effectively convey the profound emotions experienced during these adventures.

My love for the outdoors and passion for creating inspiring images have shaped my career. Initially, in business and marketing, I gained valuable experience in handling projects and designing creatively. But over time, my desire to explore the world grew stronger. I seized every free moment for photographic excursions. With each shoot, my passion deepened, revealing my true calling in photography.As a self-employed content creator, I thrive in visual storytelling and creative expression, working mainly in travel and photography for the past four years.

In today's society, most lives follow a set routine. Things are standardized, scheduled, and rarely do we experience something truly extraordinary. Breaking free from the monotony of everyday life is a rare occurrence. That's where art comes in for me—it has the power to surprise, delight, and touch us deeply. It can evoke shock, and inspiration, and ignite passion. That's why it's important to me that art connects with me emotionally. Whether it's a painting that creates a unique atmosphere, a photograph that captures an emotion, or a story that transports me to another world. In my photography, I strive to convey emotions too. It could be the excitement of fellow travelers discovering a new place or the beauty of an exceptionally stunning landscape that captivates and fascinates.

How would you define ‘Rise’?

To me as a creative person, ‘Rise’ means the beautiful unfolding of an artistic journey. It's about passionately diving into creative expression and inspiring others. It means unlocking the full potential of artistic vision, creating works that deeply touch hearts and souls. Personally, it involves carving a path that turns passion into a meaningful profession. Embracing fresh challenges and avoiding complacency is vital, as the rise thrives on constant progress.

As an outdoor photographer, rise represents embarking on exciting travels and adventures to unexplored places. It means venturing off the beaten path and overcoming cultural and creative obstacles that you have to face along the way. These experiences fuel personal and professional growth, nurturing a diverse tapestry of encounters. The true essence of the rise lies in sharing captured images and videos, which ignite a fire within others and inspire them to embark on their extraordinary journeys.

Why did you select these three photos to represent your story?

I specifically chose these three photos from my trip to China because they had a tremendous impact on me. It was one of my first solo photography adventures, filled with numerous challenges and obstacles. From obtaining a driver's license to losing my drone in the forest and many other hurdles during the trip, many things didn't go as planned.

In the beginning, I faced a setback when I got stuck at my arrival destination for over ten days, trying to navigate the process of getting a driver's license and a car as a foreigner with language barriers. No photos were taken until then, halfway through the trip, and time was constantly slipping away. Despite these hurdles, I didn't give up. Instead, I tried to turn each situation to make the best out of it.Regardless of the difficulties, including the mishap with the drone and a daring rescue mission to retrieve it, I managed to obtain the license, rent a car, and embark on one of the most memorable road trips. It was during this journey that I captured some of my most iconic photos up to that point. It wasn't an easy adventure, but I learned valuable lessons, experienced personal growth, and improved my photography skills along the way.

How important is photography to you?

To me, few things compare to the fulfillment that I find in venturing out to capture landscape photos. It goes beyond the results; it encompasses the entire experience. The meticulous research and planning, which I genuinely enjoy, the anticipation of witnessing locations firsthand, and the excitement of chasing the perfect weather and lighting conditions. The thrill of being present at that moment when everything aligns, capturing photos that encapsulate the essence of the scene. These elements fuel my passion and drive.

When I come back and share those photos, inspiring other people to go out and explore, it gives me an unbelievable feeling that I will never get tired of. Photography is extremely important to me; it's a significant part of my passion and my entire existence.

Shooting Tip

A good composition is what makes photos look dynamic and aesthetic. To achieve aesthetically pleasing images, the following compositional rules can help you:

1.The golden ratio (1.618 to 1) is everywhere in nature and can help you lead the viewer around your image in a naturally striking and balanced way. You do not need to apply any numerical calculations to use this technique. Being aware of such a pattern, trying to find it in nature, and composing your images according to the spiral arrangement can be enough at the beginning.

2.The rule of thirds is a simplification of the golden ratio. It is easy to visualize as our cameras and editing software can help us to use this rule. To apply this compositional rule, place two imaginary horizontal lines on your landscape, one at 1/3 and the second at 2/3. Then place two lines vertically, again at 1/3 and 2/3. As a result, you will get a grid that divides your scene into nine rectangular areas. To use the rule of thirds, place your subject at one of the intersecting points, such as the top left or right, or bottom left or right. By doing so, the image becomes more aesthetically pleasing.

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