Keenan Lam


My name is Keenan Lam, a London-based filmmaker/video creator and Samsung UK ambassador. With a passion for crafting captivating videos, I have established myself as a versatile creator, delivering dynamic and exciting visuals for renowned brands worldwide. From my hometown of London to the far corners of the globe, I have been fortunate enough to travel the world, capturing incredible moments and bringing mine and my clients’ ideas to life through my lens.

My work encompasses two avenues. Firstly, as a filmmaker, I specialise in producing cinematic and visually stunning pieces for a diverse range of brands.

From working with Bulgari Hotels and Gymshark to capturing the elegance of Bentley Motors, my portfolio hosts an impressive array of clientele. Each project presents a unique opportunity to showcase my storytelling and editing abilities that resonate with audiences. Secondly, my social media presence serves as a platform where I showcase my personality and share engaging, short-form content. Leveraging my expertise in cinematic videography, I infuse my social media videos with a high-quality aesthetic. By seamlessly merging creativity and technical skills, I elevate the standards of my short videos.

With a journey spanning over six years, I have witnessed the evolution of the content creation landscape firsthand. Starting from scratch, I cultivated relationships with local businesses, and as my skills and reputation grew, I gradually transitioned to collaborating with globally recognised brands. Throughout this transformative process, I have gained valuable insights into both sides of the video creation industry. Whether I am contributing to the production of feature-length documentaries for Gymshark or crafting viral 7-second Instagram reels, I embrace every opportunity to push boundaries and deliver exceptional results.␣

By fusing my passion for filmmaking, expertise in editing, and dedication to originality, I aim to inspire, entertain, and captivate my audiences worldwide.

How I Rise

The moment I learned about the theme, I couldn't wait to capture this incredible moment. The colossal mountains serve as a majestic backdrop, towering over the foreground. As the morning sun peeked through the ominous clouds, it added a gentle touch of warmth to an otherwise moody scene. My subject is seen climbing to a vantage point, embracing the opportunity to explore the beauty that Cadini had to offer. I felt this image embodied Rise perfectly. So many different interpretations of the word came together that resulted in this image.

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