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Jack Harding is a Commercial Photographer based in London. His love for photography started with capturing the landscapes of Norway back in 2016 when he was living in Scandinavia. Shooting the fjords and mountains of this beautiful country sparked his interest in rural locations as Jack spent all of his spare time chasing sunrises and sunsets in search of the perfect light. He was working a 9-5, so it was challenging, but he hoped to be a full-time photographer one day.

It was these pictures seven years ago which progressed Jack's career, with newspapers and magazines picking up some of the images, earning Jack his first income from his own art. During the early years, Jack built up an online community of over 300,000, mainly on Instagram, as he shared his travels and moody edits with his audience. Jack became known for his images of immense cliffs, mountains and lakes. Through time, Jack became interested in Commercial Photography, mainly in lifestyle and automotive. As his work evolved, the human and motion aspect was added to his shoots. Storytelling quickly became the spine of most shoots, finding a narrative for each project to create timeless imagery.

This led to Jack teaching photography to people worldwide with workshops through the Highlands of Scotland, the mountains of Madeira and the canyons of Kyrgyzstan. One of the highlights for Jack in the creative world has been editing, as this has allowed him to tell a story with his touch through programs like Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop. Jack's crisp photography and clean style helped him grow a community and attracted clients like Audi, Bentley and Sony.

How I Rise

For my image, which relates to rise, I chose this from Madeira. The perfect cocktail of conditions as we waited four days for the weather to clear with little luck. Sunshine ignited the clouds to create the perfect scene with stunning colours and light. Sometimes with photography, you have to be patient; this was the moment it was all worth it.

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