Giulia Gartner


Giulia Gartner is a photographer and filmmaker based in the Dolomites, northern Italy. Her work captures emotive moments through a careful interplay of vivid colors and dreamy elements. Growing up amidst the stunning landscapes of the Dolomites, Giulia found inspiration in the grandeur of the majestic mountains, the tranquility of the lush forests, and the serenity of the lakes. These natural wonders served as a backdrop for her creative exploration, shaping her distinctive style and fostering a deep connection to the environment around her.

How I Rise

Driven by a spirit of adventure and a desire to document diverse environments, Giulia embarks on journeys around the world. From the awe-inspiring landscapes of picturesque coastal cliffs to the serene beauty of hidden waterfalls tucked away in lush forests, she immerses herself in diverse natural environments, aiming to capture the distinctive essence and spirit that sets each place apart. Through her lens, she creates visual narratives that transport viewers to these destinations, offering a glimpse into the beauty and diversity of the world we inhabit. Giulia's commitment to her craft is unwavering, and she eagerly embraces the challenges that come with capturing extraordinary moments. Whether braving extreme weather conditions, enduring sleepless nights to chase the perfect shot, or navigating unfamiliar territories, she remains dedicated to her artistic vision and the pursuit of creating impactful imagery.

Through her work, she aims to offer a fresh perspective that invites viewers to see the world through a different lens. She believes that art has the power to transcend language and cultural barriers, fostering connections and sparking conversations that lead to a deeper understanding and appreciation of our shared humanity. While photography remains at the core of Giulia's artistic pursuits, filmmaking has emerged as one of her main focuses. Through her films, she seeks to further explore the narrative potential of moving images, bringing stories to life in captivating and evocative ways.

Why did you select this photo to represent your story?

In my photo the hiker represents the theme of Rise. Ascending the mountain, they embody the courage to explore new heights and embrace the challenges along the way. It reminds us to reach for our full potential and discover the beauty that comes with rising above our limitations.

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