I’m an outdoor & adventure photographer from the Lake District, UK. I usually enjoy life best when I’m in the mountains, camera in hand. Always chasing the next adventure and opportunity to capture breathtaking moments. I’m grateful that my images have earned a loyal following of over 100k online as this has helped me get my work seen by a wider audience and contributes to my passion for photography and adventure.


The first image is one I shot in 2020 on our way to Everest Base Camp. We were heading into what is commonly called ‘The Throne Room of the Gods’ on the way into the Khumbu Valley. This image was taken when the famous mountain Pumori - also known as the Daughter of Everest, began to rise above the Ridgeline as we gained elevation towards the small village of Gorak Shep.

My 2nd shot depicting the theme ‘Rise’ was taken in the submerged caverns of the beautiful Cenote Garden del Eden in Tulum, Mexico. We had been training to free drive all week and spent a day exploring a fairly secluded cenote. Before the day was over we found a beautiful tunnel system underwater and I managed to snap this image of my friend rising through the crystal clear water back up to the surface to catch her breath.

The final image I took in Nepal as we trekked towards Lobuche. One morning as we ascended through the fog on the smaller neighbouring valley we were greeted with the most incredible views of Cholatse rising above the clouds as the fog rolled through the pass beneath the peak.

Photography Tip

As a photography tip, I always try to capture the interplay between hikers and mountainous landscapes with a sense of scale. I think an important aspect of scale is the creation of depth and perspective. By incorporating elements at different distances from the camera, I try to achieve a three-dimensional feel within a two-dimensional image. For instance, a foreground element like a hill can serve as a point of reference, leading your eyes into the frame and providing a sense of scale. Meanwhile, the receding mountain ranges enhance the sense of depth - making you feel as if you could step into the photo and explore the scene.

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