ColorPro Creator of the Month

インスタグラムコンテスト - 12ヶ月の色

Nat Jones

“ Great color accuracy, 4K resolution, and a variety of sizes to fit your needs make ColorPro monitors a wonderful addition to any artist’s digital workspace. The ColorPro 32” has become an integral part of my everyday workflow. I love it! ”

David Köster

“ As a landscape photographer, I think it is important to share my vision with others because it allows me to impress upon them the uniqueness of our earth and hopefully make them more aware of the need to protect our planet. ”

Mark Chang

“ I like to share my visions to the world so that the world won't be so boring ”

Ahmet Erdem

“Seeing all the details of the photos I took… I fell in love with them again!”

Alexis Cuarezma

“Having the ability to share your vision is a privilege that should never be taken for granted as it can impact, inspire and change someone's life in the most positive way. ”

Sasan Amir

“With my works I want to create a connection between the viewer and the beautiful nature which surrounds us.”

Dan Rubin

“ColorPro monitors are a creative’s dream come true — as an artist working across print, digital, photography, and filmmaking, these calibrated displays make my life easier, and my work better.”

Say Hana

“Color is a language understood in the absence of translation, a means to express oneself to the world.”

Minh Hoa

“ The most familiar type of yellow color is sunlight symbolizing life, dynamism, and youthfulness. Vietnamese people always see yellow color as a representation of the Spring, the color of apricot flowers,and the warm sunshine of the first days of the year. At this time, all the family members are staying together and having a great time...”

Renee Robyn

“Whenever you find yourself in a not-so-sunny place in your life, know that the grass is greener on the other side.”



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