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Master Photoshop Lightroom with Luke

Join ColorPro Ambassador Luke Stackpoole (@withluke) for an exclusive Lightroom workshop where he reveals the creative process behind his most renowned photograph. Discover the secrets behind one of his iconic images as Luke shares his expert techniques, guiding you through exposure correction, color enhancement, and blemish removal—all while preserving the innate beauty of the shot.

WithLuke’s Lightroom Masterclass

Eager to master Photoshop Lightroom? Whether you're a beginner to photo editing or a seasoned photographer craving a fresh approach, let our ColorPro Ambassador, Luke Stackpoole (@withluke), propel your photography to captivating new heights as he unveils the expert Lightroom editing techniques behind one of his most renowned photographs.

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Workshop Introduction

Have you ever wondered how some people create such visually stunning photographs? Join @withluke in this workshop as he reveals the expert Lightroom editing techniques behind one of his most popular shots.

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