Enhance Operational Efficiency in your Healthcare Environment

No need to be patient with your practice

ViewSonic’s touch screen solutions provide more effective ways of communicating authorization. This helps hospitals, pharmacies, and other medical practices to spend less time doing paperwork and more time helping patients.

Self-service touch screen monitors allow patients to receive medical treatments and consultation faster, identify the right medical departments based on their symptoms intuitively.

Traditional time and effort wasted on repeptitive and clerical tasks can be more utilized on improving the quality of patient care, which in turn changes the perception of the hospital from the patient and increase their satisfaction.

ViewSonic touch screen solutions helped us increase productivity in our workspace.”

- Felix Garcia, Singular Medical Technologies CEO

Touch Solutions for Wayfinding and Self Reporting in Healthcare

Find the Help you Need Intuitively

Manage the in-flux of patients in your hospital. With ViewSonic’s touch solutions, patients can get the specific help they need faster.

Don’t Leave out the Details

Self-Service touch screens allow patients to navigate to the right department based on their symptoms

Arrive at your Medical Destination

Once you’ve communicated your needs, it’s easier than ever to make appointments and connect with doctors

Pen Display for Document Management Solution

Draw and Make Annotations

Patients can directly write on the pen display as if it were writing on pen and paper. This function is useful for filling out general forms and basic information. All annotations will be saved in the document.

Illustrate the essential points by highlighting

Nurses and administrative staff could use the highlighter function to mark important parts of the document for patients to focus on.

Signing and saving documents

Patients can directly sign administrative forms, medical forms on the pen display. Nurses no longer have to waste no time by having to print paper.All signed documents are sealed with a Certificate Authority veriftying identity of the document. A copy of the e-document will be email to the patients.


Digitize Form

Medical consultation made easy, simply choose the relevant department that suit your symptoms en route to your medical care.

Fast Document Retrieval

List symptoms, allergies on the touch monitor, save time on waiting in the hospital.

Seek Consultation Faster

Locate the outpatient area shown through the touchscreen, no more stressing over missed appointments.

Usage Cases for Medical and Health


Paper-based transactions digitalized and Laborious filing process simplified


Long queue process shortened with self-service touch screens



Workflow Security

When a customer decides to implement a paperless workflow in the company, security is usually a concern. How to manage digital authorization of confidential document without raising security risks in the company can be a issue. ViewSonic's touch screen and digital signature solutions ensures that your digital workflow process is fully secure and encrypted.



With AES256 and RSA 2048, we ensure all your customer’s private information is protected. Every signatures undergoes double encryption according to the highest industry standards.



Implementing touch screen monitor and digital signage solutions is an easy process. With hardware and software ready, we’ll help yourbusiness get up and running.



Reducing paper and printing costs is environmentally friendly and leaves your business with a positive brand image.

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