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    • 55lb Weight Capacity
    • 19.7"-30.7" Adjustable Arm
    • White Color
  1. Univerdal Wall Mount with Adjustable Arm's Length: 365mm to 635mm, White,Suitable for PX800HD, PS700X, PS700W, PS750X, PS750W, PS750HD, LS810, LS820, LS830 Models
    • Projector Wall Mount Kit
    • Adjustable Arm in 670mm - 1270mm
  2. Short Throw Wall Mount Kit for PJD8333S/PJD8633WS, PJD8353S/PJD8653WS 49 in. Length, White
  3. Backorder
    Short Throw Wall Mount Kit. Compatible with: PJD5353, PJD6353S, PJD6383S, PJD6683WS, PJD7383, PJD7383I, PJD7583w, PJD7583WI, Black Color.


5 Item(s)