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Key Features
  • Full HD with HDMI/MHL Compatibility
  • 4-in-1 Split Screen
  • Apple® AirPlay® Support
  • Concurrent Support for WiFi, Miracast, and DLNA
  • Moderator Mode
VC10 Front
Product Description
With the ViewSonic® VC10 ViewConnect wireless display adapter, enjoy quick and easy streaming of 1080p content with no need for wires or cables. Users can wirelessly stream Full HD content from their own devices (such as desktop PCs, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones), to any commercial display, interactive flat panel display, or projector.
  1. Power LED
  2. Micro USB (Power only)
  3. HDMI Out
Action Micro AM8251
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    CPU Processor Type:Action Micro AM8251
    Wireless Connectivity:N/A
    Frequency Band:2.4GHz
    Data Transfer:150Mbps (max) @ 20MHz Channel / 300Mbps (max) @ 40MHz Channel
    Resolution:1080P, 720P, 480P
    Power:5V DC, 1A
    Controls:AutoProject App (iOS / Android)
    Flash Memory:N/A
    Supported OS:N/A
  • General:
    Regulations: FCC-B, CE, ErP, RoHS
    Recycle/Disposal: Please dispose of in accordance with local, state or federal laws.
    UPC: 766907939613
  • Dimensions (imperial) (WxHxD):
    Physical (in.):3.7 x 0.5 x 1.3
  • Dimensions (metric) (WxHxD):
    Physical (mm):94.3 x 12.5 x 32.3
  • Weight (metric):
    Net (kg):0.03
    Gross (kg):0.1
  • Weight (imperial):
    Net (lbs):0.1
    Gross (lbs):0.2
  • Accessories:
    CDE3204, CDE4302, CDE4803-H, CDE5010, CDE5010-S, CDE5502, CDE5510, CDE5510-S, CDE6510, CDE6510-S, CDE6520-W, CDE7500, CDE7520-W, CDE8620-W, CDE9800, CDM4300R, CDM4300T, CDM4900R, CDM5500R, CDM5500T, CDP9800, CDX4952, CDX5552, CDX5562, EP4320, EP5520, EP5520T, IFP5550, IFP6550, IFP7550, IFP8650, LS625W, LS625W-S, LS625X, LS700-4K, LS700-4K-S, LS700HD, LS700HD-S, LS750WU, LS800HD, LS800HD-S, LS800WU, LS800WU-S, LS831WU, LS850WU, LS860WU, LS900WU, LS900WU-S, M1, M1+, M1+-S, M1-S, M1MINI, M1MINI-S, M1MINIPLUS, M1MINIPLUS-S, M2, M2-S, PA505W, PA505W-S, PG700WU, PG701WU, PG703X, PG703X-S, PG706HD, PG706HD-S, PG706WU, PG707W, PG707W-S, PG707X, PG800HD, PG800HD-S, PG800W, PG800W-S, PS501W, PS501W-S, PS501X, PS501X-S, PS600W, PS600W-S, PS600X, PS600X-S, PS700W, PS700W-S, PS700X, PS750HD, PS750HD-S, PS750W, PS750W-S, PX700HD, PX700HD-S, PX703HD, PX703HD-S, PX706HD, PX706HD-S, PX725HD, PX725HD-S, PX727-4K, PX727-4K-S, PX727HD, PX727HD-S, PX747-4K, PX747-4K-S, PX800HD, X10-4K, X10-4K-S, X10-4KE, X10-4KE-S, X100-4K, cde4803, cde6502