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Key Features
  • Simplified Content Creation
  • Supports Common Media Formats
  • Do-It-Yourself Digital Signage
  • Eye-Catching and Informative Widgets
  • Comprehensive Scheduling System
Product Description
ViewSonic Digital Signage just became easier and more accessible than ever with DisplayIt!Xpress. This software makes it easy to manage a signage network of any size from a single PC with an intuitive, user-friendly interface. Use PowerPoint or other familiar office applications to create new content, then simply drag-and-drop media files to build playlists within seconds. Update content with a single click over wired or wireless networks, shared folders, cloud storage or USB drive. Scheduling options for each playlist item ensure the right message at the right time. Add eye-catching widgets that include date, time, weather and scrolling text with RSS support. Creating, uploading and managing content just became as easy as 1-2-3.
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    CDE3202, CDE3202-R, CDE4200-L, CDE4200-L-R, CDE4302, CDE4302-R, CDE4302-S, CDE4803-R, CDE4803-S, CDE5500-L, CDE5500-L-R, CDE5500-L-S, CDE5502, CDE5502-R, CDE5502-S, CDE6560T, CDE6560T-S, CDE8451-TL, CDE8451-TL-R, CDE8451-TL-S, CDP4260-TL, CDP4260-TL-R, CDP4260-TL-S, CDP4262-L, CDP4262-L-R, CDP4262-L-S, CDP5562-L, CDP5562-L-S, CDP9800, CDP9800-S, CDX4650-L, CDX4650-L-R, CDX4650-L-S, CDX4652-L, CDX4652-L-S, EP3203R, EP4203R, EP4203R-R, EP4220, EP4320, EP4320-2, EP4320-2-S, EP4320-S, EP4612-L, EP4612-L-S, EP4646, EP4646-S, EP5012-L, EP5012-L-S, EP5012-TL, EP5520, EP5520-S, EP5520T, EP5555, EP5555T, VT3200-L, VT4200-L, cde4803