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Key Features
  • Easy-to-install projector adapter plate
  • Replacement solution for SMART projectors
PJ-IWBADP-007 Right
Product Description
With the ViewSonic® PJ-IWBADP-007 Adapter Plate, you can easily install select ViewSonic projectors on the existing SMART mounts UX60, UF70, UF75 and U100. This allows you to easily upgrade and replace outdated SMART projectors and still utilize your existing interactive whiteboard.
Contact Sales
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  • Mount:
    Compatible Projectors:PS700X, PS700W
    Compatible With:SMART U100, SMART UX60, SMART UX70, SMART UX75
  • Weight (imperial):
    Gross (lbs):3.0
  • Weight (metric):
    Gross (kg):1.4
  • Accessories:
    PS750HD, PS750W, PX800HD