Where to find serial number of the monitor?

The serial number can usually be found on the back or bottom of your product and is either 10 or 12 digits long. The serial number can also be found on the original box of the unit.

What to do when there is no display from my monitor?

Please make sure the monitor’s power cable is properly seated in the port and that the monitor is powered on. By default LED indicator will light up when the monitor is powered on. If no LED indicator lights up, please try another power outlet first.   If above doesn’t help, please contact ViewSonic service center. 

How to clean LCD display?

General Precautions Make sure the monitor is turned off and the power cable is unplugged from the power outlet. Never spray or pour any liquid directly onto the screen or case. Doing so could damage your monitor. Dust or hard materials may scratch the screen. Please make sure the cleaning cloth is free of any debris. Clean and dry the m...

What to do when image is pixelated?

Set the resolution higher. Test the monitor on a different computer to isolate the problem.  Please follow the instructions below on how to change the resolution on a computer running Windows 10.   To change the resolution in Windows, do the following:  Right-click on an empty area of the Windows® desktop.  From the pop-up menu, select Di...

How to set power lock and menu lock?

On some monitors, there is a power button lock that locks the power and power button in the ON position.  There is also a menu lock feature which can lock and unlock the OSD (On-Screen Display) Menu.  Power Lock: To lock the Power Button press and hold both the [1] button and the down arrow button for 10 seconds.  OSD Lock: ...

How to check graphics card drivers in Windows?

1.Under "Control Panel", open "Device Manager". 2. Find the Display adapters and double click on it then double click on the device shown: 3.Select Driver tab, this will list the Driver version.

Why Auto Image Adjust function is gray out in monitor OSD?

When using a monitor in the digital (HDMI, DisplayPort) connection, Auto Image Adjust and Manual Image Adjust settings may be disabled. This is normal as the monitor will adjust itself when in the digital mode.

Why does image persistence occur with my LCD monitor?

Image persistence (or image retention) is a result of a stationary image being displayed for a long period of time.    <Correction>   Turn off the screen for hours.   <Prevention>   1. Set the display to turn off after a few minutes of system idle under ”Power & Sleep “ (Win10) or “Battery” (Macbook).      2. Turn off the monitor when ...

How to set landscape and portrait Mode?

Several ViewSonic LCD panels support both Landscape and Portrait modes.  If your LCD panel supports this feature, you can switch modes by turning the screen as shown in the diagram below. To change the image on the Windows Desktop, follow instructions below: Open the Start menu and click "Control Panel." Click "Adjust Screen Resolution"...

What to do if there is flickering image with my monitor?

Check the monitor: Please do memory recall. Please refer to this FAQ Check device setting: Please check and set to recommended refresh rate.  You can refer to this video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sAkbjPiLNcE   If possible, please connect monitor to another device with different input.   If above doesn’t help, please contact ViewSo...

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