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Interactive 4K Displays

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What you’ll need to add functionality and flair to your boardroom:


Your boardroom needs an updated interactive display. You prefer the convenience, wow-factor and lower TCO that LED displays offer over projectors and interactive white boards (IWBs) but you’re not sure which resolution to go with. What are the benefits of 4K Ultra HD resolution over Full HD 1080p resolution?


The increase in visual clarity delivered by ViewSonic® ViewBoard® interactive flat panel (IFP) displays with 4K resolution is particularly beneficial for boardroom collaboration.

Much has been said about the inability of the human eye to discern the benefits of 4K at the average home-TV viewing distance of 9 feet. In the typical boardroom, however, users near the front and/or sides of the room are often seated within 2-3 feet of the display. Those interacting with content on the screen will obviously be viewing it from no more than a few inches. At these viewing distances, ultra HD makes a clear impact, ensuring that meeting participants are seeing the most legible text and clearest-possible images.

ViewBoard 4K IFPs also offer increased color saturation and contrast over 1080p displays, for best-in-class vibrancy, increased visual clarity and more realistic images and video.

Ideal for medical and scientific applications, as well as any time crystal-clear viewing of detailed information is critical, ViewBoard 4K IFP displays make an impressive statement in spaces that hold your most important executive, customer, partner, and supplier meetings.

Paired with the latest collaborative software, ViewBoard 4K IFP displays deliver the ultimate in high-impact, high-functionality collaboration in corporate boardrooms and other mission-critical meeting spaces.

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