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Interactive Technology

What you'll need

What you’ll need for interactive technology in the classroom:

A ViewSonic ViewBoard interactive flat panel display


A ViewSonic Interactive Projector


Interactive display has become a critical tool for preparing students for success. With options including interactive large format (IFP) displays, interactive projectors and traditional interactive whiteboards (IWBs), it’s difficult to know which technology is right for your classrooms.


A careful assessment of budget, staff resources, space constraints and content goals will help determine your best option. Key characteristics of each option include:

Interactive Flat Panel Displays

  • Required components: LED display only
  • Costlier up-front but better overall TCO
  • Lower energy use and maintenance than IWBs, with no bulbs or filters to change
  • Longer lifespan (10 years vs. 3-5 years) than projectors adds to better overall TCO
  • Eliminates shadows/glare introduced by projectors
  • Higher brightness enables instructors to leave the lights on for better eye contact, note taking and classroom management

Interactive Projector

  • Lowest cost; great value options
  • Flexible use with any flat surface (screen, wall, whiteboard)
  • Required components: projector, laser curtain, interactive pen
  • Adjustable sizing; great for text/data heavy content

Interactive Whiteboard (IWB)

  • Required components: Interactive board and projector
  • Often include licensing fees for education software
  • Added cost, maintenance of bulbs, filters
  • Require periodic regular calibration and recalibration when bumped or jarred due to vibrations

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