Solution Brief

4K Display Benefits

For Surveillance

What you'll need

What you’ll need for simplified surveillance hardware with 4K clarity and detail:

What you’ll need for a complete 4K surveillance network:

  • A ViewSonic® Ultra HD monitor with MultiPictureTM technology
  • 4K HDTV video surveillance camera such as the Dinion IP Ultra 8000 MP or AXIS P1428-E
  • A network-attached storage appliance to provide camera data storage and storage redundancy
  • A server capable of transmitting 4K video

You want to add or improve a surveillance system to reduce loss and protect employees. Security experts recommend using a video recording system covering strategic indoor and outdoor areas, monitored by an on-site security guard. These systems can be costly and extensive, requiring several key components; is there a way that the display component can help maximize the overall effectiveness of the system?


Increasing display resolution can improve the overall effectiveness of your surveillance system. When paired with a 4K camera, an Ultra HD monitor will deliver four-times the detail of Full HD 1080p, enabling magnification and zoom-in with greater clarity of detail for enhanced visual forensic data.

However, even without investing in a 4K camera or other 4K network upgrades, facilities with more than one video input can benefit from a ViewSonic® Ultra HD monitor with split-screen capabilities. These monitors enable simultaneous display of multiple signals with up to 4 split screens. This delivers four-quadrant viewing at crisp, true Full HD, a significant visual gain over the lower QHD (960x540) resolution delivered when a 1080p monitor is divided four ways.

In addition to the gain in clarity, a split-screen 4K setup enables the use of one Ultra HD monitor in place of four 1080p units, for simplified hardware management.

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