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Key Features
  • Compatible with Mobile Devices
  • Presenting: Instant Wireless Presentations on Windows, Mac, Chrome, Android, and iOS
  • Participating: Simultaneous Mirroring on Android and iOS Devices
  • Participating: Simultaneous Annotating on Android and iOS Devices
  • The Host: Annotation on ViewBoard® Mirrored to All

ViewBoard® Cast
Product Description
ViewBoard® Cast is an app for content sharing among mobile devices that enables 1080p content to be streamed from a user’s device onto ViewBoard® over wireless or cable networks. Content that can be broadcasted from mobile devices and shown on ViewBoard®’s large screen includes multimedia, documents, cloud files, and any content that can be used by multiple users simultaneously for real-time annotations. A host can control displayed content broadcasted from Window/Mac/Chrome OS laptops while Android and iOS device participants are able to use ViewBoard® Cast’s specialized annotation toolbar and control ViewBoard® remotely. Whether in class or in a meeting, ViewBoard® Cast makes teaching and group discussion quick and easy.
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