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Embedded Player

What is the ViewBoard Embedded Player?

ViewBoard Embedded Player is the built-in Interactivity Suite available on all ViewBoard Displays. It functions independently so you do not need any Slot-In or External Sources for it to function. Here’s a list of features included:

  • vBoard – Interactive Whiteboard application
  • ViewBoard Cast – Casting Application for Windows, MAC, and Mobile (iOS and Android) devices
  • Browser – Built-In Internet Browser
  • Zoom – Video Conferencing Application (optional USB Camera required)

Our environment does not allow Android-like Devices on the network. If I use a Slot-In PC, do I still need to connect the Embedded Player to the network?

No. Network connection is not needed on the Embedded Player for the Slot-In PC to function. The network ports between the Slot-In PC and Embedded Player are independent and separate.

We do not use the ViewSonic Embedded Player. Is there a way of disabling or hiding it from users?

Yes. You can disable the Embedded Player using the Remote Control.

  1. Press INPUT-9-9-1 on the remote to enable the Factory Settings screen
  2. Scroll down to Media Player Settings and click OK
  3. Scroll down to Embed Player and select OFF using the arrow keys
  4. Display will automatically restart.
  5. To re-enable, just follow the same steps but this time, set it to ON.

Can the ViewSonic Embedded Player be updated? If so, how?

Yes. ViewSonic provides firmware and software updates, if needed, for bug fixes and feature additions/improvements. Depending on the model of your ViewBoard Display, the updates will either be through OTA (Off-The-Air) or a download from our website. Update instructions are provided. If your display is connected to the internet, a notification will show on your screen if there’s a new firmware available, as long as notifications are not disabled. For manual firmware updates, please visit the product page of your specific model on our website to check for any updates.