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Slot-In PC (VPC)

I need a Slot-In PC for my ViewBoard Display. How can I find the specific model I need?

Visit the product page of your ViewBoard Display model on our website and check the RELATED ACCESSORIES list on the right side of the product photo for a list of supported Slot-In PC’s.

I need more RAM to run my applications on the Slot-In PC. Can I upgrade or add more memory? If I can, how will this affect my warranty?

There is already plenty of memory available (8GB) on the Slot-In PC but if more is needed, there is a free memory slot available internally. We highly recommend that this upgrade be done by a qualified technician due to the sensitive nature of the electronic components inside. In addition, opening the Slot-In PC would break the seal that may affect your warranty.

What version of Windows come with the Slot-In PC’s?

The Slot-In PC’s come with Windows 10 Pro.

What software is included in the Slot-In PC’s?

Select models include ViewBoard 2.x software for interactive and whiteboard applications. Later models will come with MyViewBoard™ for Windows. Please visit your specific model’s product page on our website for more information.

My company has a Microsoft Site License for Windows. Can I purchase a Slot-In PC without an Operating System installed? Will the drivers be available?

All of our models come pre-installed with a Windows 10 operating system. Please consult your Microsoft Representative for recommendations regarding licensing products with pre-installed Windows 10.

I bought a Slot-In PC without an Operating System but I need the interactive software installed on Windows-Based Slot-In PC’s. Can I get the software from ViewSonic so I can use it?

You can download the ViewBoard Interactive Annotation Software and MyViewBoard for Windows from the product page of our website.

I need a Slot-In PC that supports vPro and TPM. Which model should I use?

The VPC14-WP-x and VPC12-WP-x support both Intel® vPro and TPM 2.0.