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Installation and Mounting

Does ViewSonic offer mounts to go along with the ViewBoard Interactive Displays?

ViewSonic offers a selection of mounts that support the displays of every size available. Visit the product page of your specific model on our website and browse through the RELATED ACCESSORIES section for supported mounts and carts.

What is the recommended height of installation for the ViewBoard Interactive Flat Panels?

Installation height will depend on a number of factors like average height of users and size of the room. For example, students in elementary schools will have a lower average height compared to high school. Another option will be to mount it on an adjustable mobile trolley cart like our LB-STND-005-3 that can be adjusted to multiple heights and angles.

I need to move the ViewBoard Interactive Display around. Do you have mobile carts I can use?

ViewSonic offers two types of mobile carts to choose from. One is a Trolley Cart (LB-STND-001) and the other is a motorized cart (LB-STND-005-3). Please visit the product page of the mobile carts on our website for more information regarding maximum weight and features.

Why is installation and setup easier with ViewBoard displays?

All users need to do to get started with a ViewBoard is mount it to a wall or trolley cart. After that, using the ViewBoard is plug and play and very intuitive. ViewBoard displays include extensive connectivity options to make it easy to quickly connect to a PC, laptop or tablet. IWBs require mounting the projector to the ceiling and the attaching the board to the wall. After that IWB systems (and projectors) need to be calibrated for accurate image display. The older the IWB system/projector, the more frequently it needs to be calibrated.