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Installation & Maintenance

Why is installation and setup easier with ViewBoard displays?

All users need to do to get started with a ViewBoard is mount it to a wall or trolley cart. After that, using the ViewBoard is plug and play and very intuitive. ViewBoard displays include extensive connectivity options to make it easy to quickly connect to a PC, laptop or tablet. IWBs require mounting the projector to the ceiling and the attaching the board to the wall. After that IWB systems (and projectors) need to be calibrated for accurate image display. The older the IWB system/projector, the more frequently it needs to be calibrated.

What maintenance do ViewBoard displays need, compared to other interactive technology?

ViewBoard displays require virtually no maintenance, ensuring uninterrupted class time. By contrast, projector bulbs have an average lifespan of 2,000 hours and can burn out at any time, interrupting class and requiring a further investment of time and cost to get back up and running – an average of 45 minutes for a technician to replace the bulb, clean the filter and recalibrate the projector.6 Many projectors also require filter maintenance, and the failure to regularly clean filters decreases the projector’s lifespan.

What are the advantages of the ViewBoard software?

ViewSonic offers with all ViewBoard displays. Designed specifically to address educator and student needs, lets users write, highlight, edit and save in real time. On-screen content can be recorded and saved for absent students or later review. MyViewBoard software also helps users develop and deliver engaging, collaborative material with features like integrated subject-specific templates and customizable backgrounds; the ability to import nearly any type of document or media file; and the ability to write directly on the integrated web browser. Many other education-focused tools are included, like templates for creating quizzes and more.

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