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Connectivity & Display Management

How do I connect the ViewBoard Displays to the network?

If you are using the Embedded Player, you can connect the Built-In Ethernet Port on the display to a network. The network setting on the embedded player is set to DHCP by default. If your network uses Static IP’s, you will need to change this and enter the Network IP Information. Always consult your network administrator before making any changes.

Is there built-in Wi-Fi on the ViewBoard Display?

There is no built-in Wi-Fi on the ViewBoard Display but you can connect a USB Wi-Fi Dongle like the TP-Link WN725n or similar. For the IFP50 series ViewBoard Displays, you can also use the LB-WIFI-001 Wireless Module for a more integrated solution.

I need to remotely manage the ViewBoard Displays. How can I do this?

The ViewBoard Displays have an RS232 port you can use for control. RS232 Commands are listed on the User Guide including type of cable required. Some models also support control over LAN. Both RS232 and LAN Control Modes can be used with ViewSonic vController software available free for download on our website.