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Transform Executive Workstations

Design a workspace that embodies leadership, sophistication and style with the performance needed to empower the team around you.

Is it Time to Empower Your Executive Team?

Taking notes, capturing ideas and sharing concepts during brainstorming sessions can be difficult without the proper tools. Collaboration should be seamless, not clunky.

With multiple projects and heavy workloads, high-performing executives may find it challenging to multi-task on monitors with smaller screen sizes and lower resolutions.

Monitors that lack customizable settings or easy-to-navigate on-screen display menus can hinder personal comfort and slow down workflow.


Curved Monitor Benefits

Curved Monitor Benefits for Unique Applications

ViewSonic Professional Workspace Solutions

Executive-Level Performance

With ViewBoard interactive touchscreens, it's easy to share ideas, take notes, and distribute information to your team with just a few gestures of your pen or finger.

Style Meets High Productivity

Expansive and ultra-wide curved monitors deliver more screen real estate for incredible productivity and performance. Sleek and frameless designs also allow for seamless viewing for multi-monitor setups.

Precision Quick Settings

Portable monitors with built-in webcams offer a seamless connection with any team in the office around the globe. Quick settings allow precise resolution and uniform color adjustments to ensure unsurpassed accuracy across the organization.

Why ViewSonic Enterprise


A high-quality display makes a huge difference in optimizing your workstation.

  • Top-quality screens with excellent resolution and color accuracy

  • Ergonomic features to prevent repetivity strain injury and

  • A single-cable USB-C connection for all data and power


Optimize your workflow with ViewSonic's purpose-built software.

  • ViewSplit for easy splitscreen productivity

  • vDisplay Manager to improve your viewing experience

  • myViewBoard allows easy remote presentation or teamwork  


A simple setup right out of the box gets your workstation up and running right away.

  • VESA-compatible mount

  • 4-step assembly

  • Green package designed for easy disposal

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