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Create Custom Meeting Spaces

Experience 4K Ultra HD resolution, unsurpassed brightness, and flexible installation for meeting rooms, auditoriums and large venues with ViewSonic display solutions.

Meeting Space and Large Venue Challenges

Collaboration between in-office staff and remote or global employees can be challenging and ineffective without the right tools.

Larger venues often have specific requirements that call for display options with higher resolutions and brighter image output.

Angled ceilings, strange beam placements and any number of other hurdles can make installing projectors in large spaces more challenging.


Global Solution Provider Gains Conference Room Ease

Insight®, a global provider of IT products and services, Insight supports its own operations by choosing tech that reflects best-in-class solutions based on their extensive partner relationships.

ViewSonic Meeting Spaces & Digital Signage Solutions

Connect From Anywhere

Featuring built-in webcams, next generation touchscreens and integrated myViewBoard® annotation software and ViewBoard Cast streaming software, our ViewBoard interactive displays help to create smart, connected and productive spaces.

Brilliant in Big Spaces

With up to 6,000+ lumens of stunning brightness, up to 4K Ultra HD resolution and extreme mounting flexibility, ViewSonic projectors are engineered to light up installations ranging from meeting rooms to massive auditoriums.

Small Spaces. Stackable Designs

With options including wide optical zoom, centered lens designs, and vertical and horizontal lens shift features, our projectors provide extreme mounting flexibility in even the most challenging installation environments.

Why ViewSonic Enterprise


A high-quality display makes a huge difference in meeting spaces and public areas.

  • Top-quality screens with excellent resolution and a full range of sizes for all environments

  • Full line of commercial displays, ePosters and interactive displays ideal for kiosks, wayfinding and meeting spaces

  • Accessories include carts and mounts, and video and audio peripherals to customize your display needs


A full array of software options including device management and signage deployment.

  • Set up, manage and maintain your portfolio of displays with myViewBoard Manager

  • Network of third-party signage software partners provides custom solutions to fit your needs

  • myViewBoard software suite allows for easy screen sharing and digital whiteboarding


ViewSonic is always about delivering the highest quality of products, which is why we provide our customers with long manufacturer warranties and an unparalleled customer support team.

  • Knowledgeable customer support team

  • Dedicated sales team

  • Industry leading warranties

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