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Case Study

Video Walls Greet Morgan Olson Guests

Customized Messaging with Userful Software


Creator of the all-aluminum walk-in van over 60 years ago, Morgan Olson LLC continues its legacy as the leading walk-in van body manufacturer in North America, serving numerous industries and delivery applications including, baking, snack foods, newspaper, textile rental, vending and parcel delivery, along with contractors of all types. With one of the largest distribution networks in the industry, transportation professionals rely on Morgan Olson for best- in-class truck body sales, product information, service, aftermarket parts and customer support.



  • Update entryway signage to enable quick, easy content changes and deliver a more up-to-date appeal
  • Achieve these goals with a dramatic, multi-screen video wall with the flexibility for future design enhancements


  • Userful video wall software enabled flexible display placement, multiple zones and versatility for future expansion
  • Six ViewSonic CDP5560-L 55" commercial LED displays delivered landscape/portrait orientation flexibility and ultra-thin bezels


  • The company now welcomes guests with a premium appeal that corresponds to their high-end product and customer base
  • Adapting content for frequent customer meetings is quick, easy and convenient
  • The individualized customer brand messaging has generated positive reactions and enhanced customer satisfaction

It’s truly been huge for us and has gone a long way toward enhancing customer visit satisfaction… Our customers actually stop and take selfies in front of the wall when they see their brand featured.

Kenn Klein, Morgan Olson Marketing Manager


The preferred walk-in van body supplier for UPS and FedEx and chassis manufacturer for top brands Ford, Mercedes-Benz and Freightliner, Morgan Olson enjoys a well-deserved reputation for top quality. Until recently, however, this was far from the image presented to visitors at the company’s corporate headquarters in Sturgis, Michigan. Morgan Olson marketing manager Kenn Klein recalls it like this:

“When I joined the company five years ago, our customer welcome sign was much like the white letters on a black peg board like you see at bowling alleys,” said Klein. “Every day the receptionist would get out the box of letters to change the message welcoming scheduled visitors and customers.”

President / COO Mike Ownbey directed Klein to update the lobby with the addition of a digital video display.

Klein quickly went to work to elevate visitors’ first impressions by replacing the outdated push-letter sign with a digital display to accompany the 40”x60” framed prints in the lobby that featured the company’s top customers.

Fast forward a few years and it was time for another video upgrade. Consultants hired to assist with office-wide remodeling recommended upgrading the posters to changeable back-lit panels, like those typically seen in a movie theater. This, however, concluded Klein, would simply perpetuate the ongoing problem associated with the current posters: having to constantly change the prints based on which customer was visiting.

What’s more, while the “customer-specific movie poster” concept would deliver a bit more impact, at $300-$400 apiece they were hardly a bargain.

“Our President and COO, Mike Ownbey said that at the price for static photographs of customers’ trucks, we might as well invest in digital displays that would enable us to change the messages at will while also delivering a more up-to-date impression,” said Klein. “He had been seeing dramatic video walls at trade events and he challenged me to put a multi-screen system in our large entrance hallway.”

The next objective: Finding a video wall system that could easily accommodate the need for a horizontal format to showcase the company’s line of truck bodies, while delivering outstanding image quality and ease of manageability.


In the quest to cost-effectively achieve their vision of a large, dynamically-linked video wall, Klein and IT Manager Kim Miller looked at several video wall software programs. Ultimately, said Miller, Userful presented the best features and price point:

“We chose Userful because of the great difference in cost versus the other products we reviewed.”

Additionally, one of the most important features offered by the Userful solution was creative flexibility that, as a former TV producer and cinematographer, was non-negotiable for Klein.

“We needed a system that would allow our screens to be positioned in a variety of ways, including close together or far apart,” said Klein. “The Userful system provided more creative freedom and the potential to expand by adding additional ‘zones’ downstream.”

Offering the flexibility to build video walls with up to 40 displays in both standard array or artistic layouts, along with support for multiple pre-set zones and virtually any type of content, the Userful network video wall solution was perfectly suited to meet Klein’s creative requirements.

Userful recommended the ViewSonic CDP5560-L 55" commercial LED display, which offered durability for daily use in the company’s high-traffic entry hallway and a slim 15.8mm ultra-narrow bezel for near-seamless images in large video walls, along with outstanding image quality. Another key feature, said Klein, was the ability to support multimedia content in both portrait and landscape orientations. “Our content needed to show our trucks being built,” said Klein. “And that doesn’t fit well on a vertical display.”

From there Klein and Miller created a bold, six-screen video wall, with two stacked horizontal displays flanked on either side by two vertical screens. Product, parts, service programs and customer brand information rotates on each of the vertical displays, forming an informational frame for the dramatic time lapse video of the Morgan Olson plant running across the middle horizontal space.


Impossible to miss when entering the building, Morgan Olson’s striking video wall greets visitors to the corporate headquarters with a premium look aligned with the company’s high end brand appeal. According to Klein, the impression it makes is as big as its size.

“The response so far has been huge,” said Klein. “Our customers actually stop and take selfies in front of the wall when they see their brand featured.”

Some like it so much, in fact, that they’ve contacted Klein to learn more about how he created the video wall.

“I’ve fielded phone call from customers and even suppliers that want to add this feature to their own corporate headquarters,” said Klein.

Within the company, the reaction has been equally positive. Marketing, Sales – and of course its initial advocate, the company president – all appreciate the lasting impression the video wall makes.

“From the moment Morgan Olson customers and suppliers walk in our corporate headquarters, our video wall provides an elevated visitor experience like no other,” stated Morgan Olson President/COO Mike Ownbey. “We build the most durable and dependable walk-in van work trucks in North America and our video wall reflects our quality and use of modern technologies – plus the video wall messaging makes a positive long-lasting impression with our customers, just like our walk-in vans.”

“I’ve used ViewSonic monitors in the past – in fact the one we have in the front lobby is a ViewSonic,” said Klein. “The image quality is consistently good.”

Like all new technology endeavors, there were kinks to work out. Support from Userful has been outstanding, said Klein.

“The guy we worked with on the support team at Userful was amazing. He was the Rosetta Stone for translating these languages I hadn’t spoken before.”
Current plans for the Morgan Olson video wall include regular content updates to keep it fresh, interesting and attention-grabbing for frequent visitors as well as employees – no doubt, the selfies will continue.