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myViewBoard: Sign in to Whiteboard and Overview

Watch this video to learn how to sign in to the Whiteboard app. You will also learn how to download and use the mobile companion app for myViewBoard as well.

myViewBoard: Toolbar Basics

The myViewBoard Main Toolbar and Floating Toolbar can be easily moved around the myViewBoard canvas to best suit your preference. Watch the video to learn more.

myViewBoard: Accessing Tools

Watch this quick video to learn how you can easily access any of the tools within the myViewBoard canvas. Download myViewBoard: https://myviewboard.com/download

myViewBoard: Pen Basics

The Pen Tool delivers a variety of options you can use to annotate within the myViewBoard canvas. You can choose colors and line thickness, as well as choosing options for marker, paintbrush, highlighter and more. Check out the video to see how you can use the Pen Tool.

myViewBoard: Eraser Tool

The Eraser tool deletes objects and annotations from the myViewBoard canvas. Download myViewBoard Whiteboard software: https://myviewboard.com/download

myViewBoard: Using the Shape Tool

Use the Shape tool to insert 2D and 3D shapes, as well as to adjust sizes, colors, line thickness and more. Watch the video to learn how.

myViewBoard: Using the Text Editor

The Text Editor tool allows you to type, edit and format text on the myViewBoard canvas. Watch the video to learn more.

myViewBoard: Page Navigation

Moving back and forth, viewing and managing multiple pages on the myViewBoard canvas is easy with our Page Navigation tools.Download myViewBoard Whiteboard software: https://myviewboard.com/download

Changing Backgrounds (Basic)

You can choose a variety of different colors and images to use as the background of your myViewBoard canvas. Download myViewBoard Whiteboard software: https://myviewboard.com/download

Undo Redo Button | Simple Controls For Editing Mistakes

Easily go backward and forward with the undo and redo tool. If you're writing and make a mistake, there are simple controls to help you get back on track. The undo button allows you to edit and go back. The redo button moves back forward.

myViewBoard: Moving and Selecting Objects

The Selection tool allows you to select objects, text and images on the myViewBoard canvas. You can then click and drag, resize, rotate and apply different effects to the selected items. Watch the video to learn more.

Adorning Tools - Copy and Paste | How to Grab Images From Anywhere

Copy web images, shapes or anything else and easily paste to myViewBoard. To copy and paste objects, simply click the copy icon in the adorning toolbar. The copy icon looks like two pieces of paper on top of each other. Touching it gives you a notification you're image has been copied. In the navigation toolbar, use the paste on canvas icon. Add as many copies as you like. Likewise, you can go to any website, copy an image, and paste it on your digital whiteboard canvas as many times as you like.

Presentation vs Design Mode | How to Switch Between Modes

Easily switch between design and presentation mode. To switch, find the person in front of the chalkboard on your toolbar. Clicking it makes your canvas fullscreen. The toolbar disappears, but more icons appear on the right. Touching the person again brings everything back.

myViewBoard: Using Windows Toggle

The Windows Toggle feature allows you to use myViewBoard for Windows annotation tools over any of your favorite websites or programs, while easily toggling between the myViewBoard canvas and the Windows desktop. Watch the video to learn more.

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