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Adorning Tools - Layering | Move Images on Top or Behind Other Images

Easily layer images, graphics or photos. When dealing with different objects, it's good to know how they're going to interact. The adorning tool for an object helps change things like line thickness, interior or exterior colors. Click on any object to pull up the adorning tool . The layering tool gives you the ability to move objects on top of images. Sometimes, you want to place a lower layer on top of the higher layer. Use the layering tool to bring images up down or all the way to the front.

Adorning Tools - Copy and Paste | How to Grab Images From Anywhere

Copy web images, shapes or anything else and easily paste to myViewBoard. To copy and paste objects, simply click the copy icon in the adorning toolbar. The copy icon looks like two pieces of paper on top of each other. Touching it gives you a notification you're image has been copied. In the navigation toolbar, use the paste on canvas icon. Add as many copies as you like. Likewise, you can go to any website, copy an image, and paste it on your digital whiteboard canvas as many times as you like.

Adorning Tools with Images | Manipulate Objects on Your Canvas

Adorning tools allow you to lock, hyperlink, cut, copy, layer or infinitely clone an image and so much more. These tools are valuable when selecting an object. The trash can icon deletes an object. Lock button keeps the image in place. Spinning tool rotates images 360 degrees. The infinite cloner allows you to create multiple copies of the same image. This is valuable for creating manipulatives for your students to use.

Adorning Tools – Fade Tool

An animation tool that causes objects or text to fade away when touched or clicked.

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