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myViewBoard: Magic Box Overview

The Magic Box tool allows you to import resources (such as images, video, audio, Google Docs, Office Docs, Flipchart and Notebook files) from your cloud drive and into the canvas. Watch the video for a quick overview of Magic Box tools including File Import, Sticky Notes, Document Camera and more.Download myViewBoard: https://myviewboard.com/download

myViewBoard Import Content

Using the Magic Box you can bring in all sorts of content like your PDFs, Google Docs, Office Docs, Images, Videos and even old .notebook and .flipchart files!

myViewBoard: Import Files Using the Magic Box (Whiteboard for Windows)

The Magic Box feature allows you to import resources (such as images, video, audio, Google Docs, Office Docs, Flipchart and Notebook files) from your cloud drive and into the canvas.Download myViewBoard: https://myviewboard.com/download

Import Google Docs

Use the Magic Box to import your Google Docs to easily annotate over them! Remember that these are imported as images and are not live docs.Music from: https://www.bensound.com/

myViewBoard: Using the Infinite Canvas Tool

The Infinite Canvas Tool allows you to pan, zoom, scroll and move across the canvas to create more writing space or focus attention where you’d like it.Download myViewBoard: https://myviewboard.com/download

myViewBoard: Adding YouTube Videos

You can easily search for, and add YouTube videos for use in your lessons via the myViewBoard canvas. YouTube videos are already filtered via Safe Search, and can be previewed before you share with students.Download myViewBoard Whiteboard software: https://myviewboard.com/download

myViewBoard for Windows – Image Search

Add images directly to your Canvas with the Magic Box Tool

myViewBoard: Using Clocks and Timers

The Clock tool allows you to display the current time, or manipulate the clock hands if you're teaching time. Likewise, the Timer Tool allows you to add a timer to your canvas.Download myViewBoard: https://myviewboard.com/download

myViewBoard: Using Measurement Tools

A number of measuring tools are available for use within the myViewBoard canvas such as a ruler, square, protractor and more.Don't have myViewBoard software yet? Download it here: https://myviewboard.com/download

myViewBoard: Using Presentation Tools

Get more out of your lessons with myViewBoard Presentation Tools. Zoom in and out on certain items with the Magnifying Tool, focus all attention on a specific area with the Spotlight Tool, and cover your entire presentation with the Shade Tool.Download myViewBoard: https://myviewboard.com/download

Magic Box – Math Input Tool

Easily input complex math equations onto your Canvas by hand drawing each integer and/or symbol.

Sticky Notes

Easily add and edit sticky notes to your canvas. From the magic box, select the sticky note icon. You can choose any color of sticky notes you like, as well as the font color. Select the text tool to begin writing your note. When you're finished, click the X. Double tap to edit. Digital Whiteboards allow for better brainstorming and engaging lessons.

myViewBoard: Using Online Widgets

Online widgets are animated images that can be added to the myViewBoard canvas to make lessons more interesting and fun.Download myViewBoard Whiteboard software: https://myviewboard.com/download

File Import (Chrome OS, Android, iOS)

The Magic Box allows you to import resources (such as images, video, audio, Google Docs and PDFs) from your cloud drive and into Whiteboard. Note this video references Chrome OS, Android and iOS operating systems only.Download myViewBoard: https://myviewboard.com/download

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