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Case Study

Casino Resort Informs and Engages with Digital

with ViewSonic LCD Displays


With its opening on Memorial Day weekend 2013, Twin Arrows Navajo Casino Resort became a premier destination casino resort in northern Arizona. Situated on the high plains overlooking the majestic San Francisco peaks, just east of historically rich Flagstaff, Twin Arrows is the centerpiece of the Navajo Nation Gaming Enterprise’s properties. Art and architecture come together to showcase the rich history of the Navajo people, while providing an unparalleled casino resort experience featuring the latest in gaming technology.



  • Equip a brand new casino with 100 new large-screen LCD displays
  • Promote casino gaming, as well as the rich Navajo history
  • Meet strict requirements for size, weight, heat and power consumption


  • 80 CDP4235 42-inch displays
  • 20 CDP5537 55-inch displays


  • Proven durability
  • Slim, lightweight design
  • Full HD 1920x1080p resolution
  • Low heat and power consumption
  • Surprising performance-to-cost value

“[The customer] purchased ViewSonic displays in 2012 for Northern Edge, then again in 2013 for Twin Arrows, and they continue to purchase new ViewSonic panels when they have failures from their old LCD manufacturers.”

Todd Baker, City Lites General Manager


In the casino environment, brilliant images along with captivating sights and sounds help draw players closer and build on the thrills of what could happen.

So when the Navajo Nation Gaming Enterprise began planning its new Twin Arrows Navajo Casino Resort, it knew one key to success was installing the right large-screen LCD displays.

The casino also wanted to build a series of double-sided video walls above their slot banks that not only showed progressive information, but also showcased the rich history of the Navajo people.

Strategically located throughout the casino, each pair of video walls would require 10 big-screen displays—two 55-inch panels and eight 42-inch panels—placed back-to-back so video content could be seen from both sides. Customized videos would tell the story about the creation of the Navajo people, with each location highlighting a different Navajo world. For assistance with this complex endeavor, the casino called on its digital signage partner, City Lites Electric Sign Company, Las Vegas.


“When you’re putting four LCDs in a video wall formation with a 55-inch LCD next to it, the structure tends to get real tall, real fast,” said Todd Baker, General Manager at City Lites. “We had to carefully consider factors like size, weight, heat and power consumption.”

City Lites, a strong advocate of ViewSonic solutions, quickly found just the right solution and recommended ViewSonic.

Fortunately, the customer already had an excellent history with ViewSonic, after having tremendous success with these displays in a sister casino, Northern Edge Navajo Casino (near Farmington, New Mexico).

“They had such great luck at Northern Edge, they wanted to duplicate their success at Twin Arrows,” said Baker.

Ultimately, Twin Arrows Navajo Casino Resort purchased a total of 80 CDP4235 displays and 20 CDP5537 55-inch displays.

“Power consumption and weight were critical factors on this project,” explained Baker. “These video walls had to be fully engineered, reviewed by a structural engineer and approved by code enforcement. Fortunately, with ViewSonic’s light weight, low heat and excellent power consumption, we didn’t even have to install additional circuits. Plus, ViewSonic simply offers excellent value and quality for the money.”


Today, Twin Arrows Casino Resort is thrilled with its new facility—and its ViewSonic displays.

“The customer is very happy,” said Baker. “They purchased ViewSonic displays in 2012 for Northern Edge, then again in 2013 for Twin Arrows, and they continue to purchase new ViewSonic panels when they have failures from their old LCD manufacturers.”

“Not only are the original displays running great, the casino has since bought 14 ViewSonic ePosters to use throughout for marketing,” said Baker. “They loved them for their plug-and-play simplicity. The customer is ecstatic.”