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Case Study

Sports Club Improves Communication & Satisfaction

with Interactive Kiosk-based Surveys


Established in 1975, The Ontario Racquet Club is one of Canada’s leading private health, wellness, and sports clubs. A multisport, family-friendly facility, the ORC covers 150,000 square feet on 8 1/2 acres. Highly customer focused and always looking for ways to better serve members, the club has been undergoing an extensive expansion, including a Junior Olympic-sized pool, additional locker and change facilities, expanded restaurant and dining facilities, and a dedicated Pilates studio.



  • Improve communications with a large and diverse membership community.
  • Obtain feedback representative of member demographics that change throughout the day.
  • Make meaningful improvements to services and facilities based on member feedback.


  • ThinkInsite’s digital kiosk solution enabled efficient member feedback via a ViewSonic® VSD241 smart display and ThinkInsite’s cloud-hosted services.
  • Mobile stand-mounted, the system was easily relocated to obtain feedback throughout the facility at different times of the day.
  • The VSD241 smart display’s integrated WiFi, Android™ OS, and dual point optical touch, enabled intuitive customer interaction and ease of data entry.


  • The kiosk’s large screen, ease of use, and strategic placement encouraged participation and response rates soared from email campaign rates of ~18% to up to 67%.
  • Feedback enabled overnight changes to fitness classes and ongoing improvements to the restaurant and other services.
  • Members were pleased to see their feedback in action and are enjoying updated amenities such as new menu items and more comfortable classroom conditions.

We are always looking to improve our product and services and found this to be an ideal way to do so.

Brian Garvey, Operation Manager


In keeping with its philosophy of continuous improvement to better serve members, the ORC was looking to develop a more robust customer feedback loop. Because the club serves a diverse membership community and experiences distinct customer profile changes throughout the day, obtaining representative feedback was an ongoing challenge. Previous efforts consisted of an annual email survey, which had less-than-desirable response rates, and relied on customer initiative to send an email comment upon returning home. What the club wanted was a way to monitor and improve the restaurant, group fitness programs, and general club activities, while also taking into account the needs of their various constituencies.


ORC realized they needed a real time interactive system in order to effectively reach out to their diverse membership. The club’s Operations Manager, Brian Garvey, contacted a cloud-based service company called ThinkInsite for help. ThinkInsite had been developing a suite of onsite applications for use with ViewSonic Smart Displays for Android, designed to help companies connect with their customers.

“They presented the product and we really liked it. As a private club with over 4,000 very diverse members, we wanted a product that would give us instant feedback,” said Garvey. “We are always looking to improve our product and services and found this to be an ideal way to do so.”

The ThinkInsite service includes a variety of tools, such as Quick Touch Surveys, E-Comment Collection, and Real-Time Business Monitoring, to effectively connect with members and better understand and address their needs and wants. Services are delivered via an Android-based front-end application that runs the customer-facing interface. A cloud-hosted backend enables easy system administration, configuration, report viewing, and real-time monitoring. Installation of the interactive display onsite can be wall- or stand-mounted.

Because the club wanted to obtain feedback from members at three key locations at various times of the day, ThinkInsite employed a moveable Peerless stand as the system base. For the hardware component, ThinkInsite chose the ViewSonic VSD241 24” all-in-one smart display featuring Full HD resolution and Dual Point Optical Touch technology. According to ThinkInsite Vice President of Product Management Mark Semak, the VSD241 provided several advantages over other devices the company had used previously, and was integral to the ORC’s success.

“The VSD241 has really helped our business model, as it helps overcome the pricing and installation issues we were experiencing using the standard Android or Apple tablets,” said Semak. “For one thing, the large screen attracted members’ attention to the survey. For another, due to the standard VESA mounting, the solution was less expensive than would be with an Apple iPad. An iPad solution, aside from having a much smaller screen, requires a more expensive proprietary mounting solution.”


By changing the way they interacted with their membership, the ORC greatly increased their response rates and improved member communications. The club was also able to act quickly on the information obtained, with a rapid impact on member satisfaction.

“By the time we get the responses from email surveys, compile trends, and have internal meetings on the results, a lot of time has passed,” said Garvey. “With the targeted touchscreen survey we can respond within days to issues, complaints, changes, etc. Our customers appreciate the faster response time.”

According to Garvey, email survey response rates were around 18%; the ThinkInsite communications, by contrast, achieved responses rate of up to 67%, with 7-8 out of 12 class participants stopping to share feedback.

“With the self-contained design of the ViewSonic® VSD241, the ORC was able to simply move the unit anywhere in their building where there was power, and enter in the code of the survey they wanted to run for that particular area,” said Garvey. “The easy-to-use touchscreen could be conveniently located throughout their facility.”

Most importantly, the ORC was able to further its goal of customer-focused continuous improvement by acting on the survey results and comments they received, making relevant changes to their business. Fitness classes were adjusted overnight, staffing issues could be immediately addressed, and restaurant fare was even updated based on member suggestions.